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Sat, 25-Feb-17 6:45 AM (22 hours ago)
on vacation but haven't seen a payphone yet
darts12, Kimmie_CD and Brenda like this
love to be your phone dick jade xxxxxxxxxxx
(13 hours ago)
hellfirejade likes this
no phone no food no pets..i aint got no cigarettes..
(12 hours ago)
darts12 and eagerlicker1036 like this
2 hours of pushing brooms buys a 8 by 12 4-bit room; i'm a man of means by no means, KING OF THE ROAD!
(1 hour ago)
i know every engineer on every train, all of their chillun & all of their names, & every hangout in every town, & every lock that ain't locked when no one's around...
(1 hour ago)
i smoke old stogies i have found, short, but not too big around; i'm a man of means by no means, KING OF THE ROAD!
(1 hour ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-17 4:44 PM (12 hours ago)
I love the votes on my pics gurls! But comments mean so much more! Kimmie kisses at you all!
It is Saturday! Me and Jim's favorite day to play!!
(11 hours ago)
eagerlicker1036 likes this
(3 hours ago)
Sun, 26-Feb-17 12:33 AM (4 hours ago)
dressed want to chat
Sat, 25-Feb-17 10:42 PM (6 hours ago)
im horny
Sat, 25-Feb-17 9:03 PM (8 hours ago)
Who wants some fun in the rain in Cornwall?xxx
Sat, 25-Feb-17 7:40 PM (9 hours ago)
Live your life and let live!
SCOTTY245656 likes this
Sat, 25-Feb-17 5:30 PM (11 hours ago)
Hey beautiful ladies, I'm a 22 years old virgin beauty searching for romance & erotic moments
Stephanie75 likes this
i can give you all the romance you want but i prefer the erotic moments
(11 hours ago)
SCOTTY245656 likes this
Sat, 25-Feb-17 5:13 PM (12 hours ago)
My mrs doing her belly dancing exercises. I like it
12touchit and MatureTV like this
Fri, 24-Feb-17 8:55 PM (1 day ago)
Any TV/TS/CD near Blackpool...give me a shout....chat ...meet...upto you
wish i was closer
(13 hours ago)
Fri, 24-Feb-17 9:12 PM (1 day ago)
lubed up and waiting for the mail man to deliver a new toy for my kinky Ass
eagerlicker1036 likes this
go for it girl
(13 hours ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-17 8:26 AM (20 hours ago)
I really need a cock to suck PM me xx
darts12 likes this
Wish I was your Room Service Gorgeous xxx
(20 hours ago)
Hi Hunni, Lucy87 is at loose end, check her status below. Have fun!
(16 hours ago)
darts12 likes this
i will be there next week
(13 hours ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-17 1:54 PM (15 hours ago)
Nearly 10,000 profile views. Thanx to all of you and help push the number up!
darts12, Kimmie_CD and 12touchit like this
way to go sexy lady
(13 hours ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-17 3:31 PM (13 hours ago)
sometime liked the cam show of lonely_kiwi
Fri, 24-Feb-17 11:39 AM (1 day ago)
????????? xxx
(1 day ago)
SCOTTY245656 likes this
The eagle fly's on Friday....Saturday, I go out to play
(1 day ago)
SCOTTY245656 likes this
Tongue Goes In First
(1 day ago)
YEEESSSSS, Brenda, I LOVE THAT, darling, !!!
(1 day ago)
SCOTTY245656 likes this
for Stephanie - the previous meaning for this acronym was "Thank God It's Friday" - said gratefully by all hard-working Mon to Fri employees, darling,
(14 hours ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-17 3:06 PM (14 hours ago)
julestvny liked the cam show of lonely_kiwi
MatureTV likes this
Fri, 24-Feb-17 5:02 PM (1 day ago)
Anyone from the uk, more specifically the West Midlands up to much this weekend?
darts12 likes this
shame...too far for me
(1 day ago)
Hi, Have you seen cuckoldchris status. you could be made for each other.
(16 hours ago)
Wed, 22-Feb-17 4:05 AM (4 days ago)
This slut will be going to see someone from the great state of Kentucky in his motel room after work. He says he wants to see me in my fishnet dress. And he says he wants to stuff both my holes.
Have hotel room number, will travel. He told me to bring toys, oh my.
(2 days ago)
candyj and eagerlicker1036 like this
bring your toys
(2 days ago)
I let him watch me get dressed. He thought I looked hot, so of course everything he did later was great. Mostly he worked me over with those toys. He came all over my face which got my clitty to go.
(1 day ago)
MMMMMMMMM, i absolutely LOVE when i get a big hot load of cream splattered all over my face! i am so envious - & it's wonderful that you all had such a fabulous time! pics at 11? i hope so, LOL
(1 day ago)
hellfirejade likes this
omg girl you got a facial!!!
(16 hours ago)
Sat, 25-Feb-17 9:56 AM (19 hours ago)
up loaded 2 more videos for your viewing pleasure
Sat, 25-Feb-17 7:34 AM (21 hours ago)
As i looked into the mirror...i realized i was seeing myself...
MatureTV and 12touchit like this
Sat, 25-Feb-17 5:38 AM (23 hours ago)
Today picture is ready to watch - hope you like it!
MatureTV and SCOTTY245656 like this
Fri, 24-Feb-17 9:25 PM (1 day ago)
Been on a pussy licking diet, really need a nice cock to suck on, need an oral injection of warm protien
eagerlicker1036 and darts12 like this
i'd sure love to feed you MINE, you sexy cocksucking devil, !!!
(1 day ago)
MrDickey and letssee like this
Fri, 24-Feb-17 2:19 PM (1 day ago)
Hotel all next week from Monday who wants to play
darts12, MrDickey and hellfirejade like this
Fri, 24-Feb-17 6:12 AM (1 day ago)
uploaded another video hope you like it
Thu, 23-Feb-17 1:54 PM (2 days ago)
I'm so horny and need to fuck any takers I live in Phoenix Arizona
oh yeah open wide
(2 days ago)
Thu, 23-Feb-17 3:53 PM (2 days ago)
I am going to bed soon and am leaving my front door unlocked, please lock it behind you after you enter!!! FYI, I sleep on my belly.
if that isn't the craziest sexiest invitation ever I don't know what is. I can just imagine that sexy ass up in the air all lube and waiting so sexy
(2 days ago)
eagerlicker1036 likes this
(2 days ago)
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