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Friday, November 16, 2018, 4:20:40 PM- Sissy Homosexual Mastubation
My wife was out for the evening. I complied photos from this site and Flickr. The theme is always being found out by a virile neighbor. I have ED but that makes it even more exciting. After all, why would my "Daddy" care whether I can get an erection of my tiny dickette? I had an explosive orgasm crying out for my imaginary Daddy to fuck me fast and hard. I am his sissy girdle girl!
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Monday, January 14, 2008, 1:58:11 PM- So Many Gurls
I am a closeted senior citizen transvestite and sissy boy. Like most of us, I started dressing in my teens.

But, also like many of us, I am married. And, of course quite bisexual with mostly homosexual fantasies. Or, are they homosexual desires at all when I assume the role of the woman?

So confusing, isn't it? <giggle>

The gay world doesn't seem to like "boys" who dress and like being women, but there sure are a lot of us on this hard-core site, aren't there?! <giggle, smile, wink>

Anyway, thanks to you Aussies who set up and run this most exciting web site. I would love to suck your cocks.
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"Love to cam with you sometime. Love 70+ CD's. I'm Phxcdlvr1 on yahoo. Looking forward to hear from you."
- Jeri43

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