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9 hours ago (26-May-22 8:44:01) - Going deeper into the SISSY CD rabbit Hole
Hi all, I sure wish there were people on here from Western New York, Buffalo, Tonawanda's, Amherst, Williamsville. Any How I am Seanette55 I am a closeted submissive SISSY CROSSDRESSER. I am 60 yrs old I am 5'6" 145 lbs. I am now fully shaved and lotioned, silky sissy smooth ..and OHH I LOVE IT ! I feel so much more feminine and Love the act of shaving is soo exciting. I am definately getting more and more "SissyFeminine GURLY" I have soo many Panties, nylons, lingerie,dresses, tops, toys Nipple and tittie and cock pumps tens unit. I am married and she doesn't know .. I do love Her dearly... but I want to be SEANETTE 24/7 I am only happy when I am Seanette. I should come "Out" to Her so I can be Seanette full time. I also really really Love the COCK.. ohh to suck it is HEAVENLY to ride it in my manpussy Is SO HOT I can always cum hands free when I get FUCKED. I still fuck my wife not too often but when she gets horny... and I always eat Her cum filled pussy, I just tell Her its only fair for me to eat cum too seing as I want her to eat mine when she sucks me. But I truly LOVE COCK soOO much more than pussy and woman. I ONLY wear 5" strappy whore heels, I have 11 pairs all diff colors I have pretty feet too OHHHH how I wish I were 20 yrs old again, I would be a full time lovely sexy slutty SHEMALE. Any thoughts or comments? seanette55 @ outlook . com Tonawanda, NY 14150
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2 days ago (24-May-22 2:44:44) - Love to be a c2c whore
Well this is the 1st time blog, lets see how it goes. First of all love to dress up in all sorts of lingerie, it always been a turn on for me, ever since I was a kid. But the last few years has been a fun ride with the start of Covid and returned to wanting to dress up and am really having lots of fun being a c2c slut. Such a turn on people enjoying my acting out and playing with my toys. Bought a 9.5" 2" wide dildo during 2020 and didn't think it would ever fit inside me. Now it's my most enjoyable toy, and what I like after my hole is loosened up ready for the big guys. My favorite bathhouses are now closed and this is as close I can get for some fun. Miss the real thing but not quiet ready to getting back to the real thing since it means having to travel several hours to meet with like minded gurls and boys.
Well that's it for now, you can find me playing in the cam room mostly US time in the morning, because of my work schedule.
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3 days ago (22-May-22 18:38:23) - The life of a Sissy
Being a sissy is so much fun. I so look forward to my day off in the summer when I can play and be Amanda. This past week was no different. I stopped at the local Walmart on my way home and they had a new style of junior miss lacy bra from No Boundaries that went nicely with the new mesh thong also by No Boundaries. My little sissy clitty just quivered in my panties when I spotted the new look. There were four different color combinations and I just had to have one of each. Of course I had to buy the matching thongs as no sissy likes to have miss matched underwear. What would the boys think! My favorite of the new lacy bras.

When I got home there was a note from Lady Colleen instructing me to go to the PO Box and pick up the mail as she would not have time. When I got to the post office there was a card for a package pick up. I had not been given permission to purchase anything so I just figured it was something for the office. Much to my surprise there were three packages all from Walmart and all for sissy Amanda. One package contained a lavender teddy from Sofia Intimates.
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4 days ago (22-May-22 2:16:56) - If I'm not into wearing lingerie, why am I here?
I've only worn panties outside my apartment once. I had a small errand to run and I was wearing jeans over them. No one knew I was wearing panties and I certainly didn't 'flash' them or leave them exposed. I thought I would be rock hard the whole time I was outside wearing them but I wasn't. Bummer.

So why do I post pantie pictures on here? Let's see:

1. I feel femmy and sexy in them. Yet the weird thing is I have no interest in being a bottom or even kissing a guy. I'd absolutely give a guy a blowjob but I want to fuck a femmy guy. I want to finally put my cock in a femmy guy's bum.

2. I get turned on by your responses when I post them.

3. I get so fucking turned on by your pantie pics. Even though I may not wear mine if I meet you, your cock and bum will have my undying attention when we meet.

4. I found out that's the only way my pictures would get published here. lol

5. It's so taboo. I shut my shades, lock my doors--the whole nine yards--when I take pictures of me in them. I am very hetero. Even though I'm 59, I feel like a 13 year old with a OUI magazine.

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10 days ago (15-May-22 21:26:21) - Part Two: The blog that haunted the house
In the last chapter, the two weary travelers approach the old decaying house...

Looking at the house with its faded green shudders hanging loose while banging the side of the vine-strewn walls. The torn curtains could be seen moving and jaundice yellowed eyes appeared. In the distance, the howling of wolves serenaded the two travelers.
You look around at the heavy mist that swirls around the legs. Ohhh this place looks like it's safe as you push the creaking door open.
Gurl: Are you sure this is, okay?
You; Trust me i know all about this stuff. It's probably owned by a kind old couple who don't realize it needs a repair or two.
Inside the Victorian home, the central staircase with a few stairs missing banisters broken old paintings hangs precariously on the wall, and people (some appear watching you walk across the room.
You: See i told you it's all good!
Suddenly with a loud bang, the door slams shut, and the windows slam closed. While a growling murmur heard through the house penetrating our ears
Gurl OHHHHH what's happening i feel faint, She falls to the floor.
You pick her up stare into her ashy white face and notice the lipstick (thinking OH MY GOD!!!, what an ugly color.
Her dress is now pulled up exposing her lacy garter belt, and her shiny sheer nylons feel so good (especially since one hand is rubbing her legs) You notice that one silicone boob falls out plopping down the stairs like an old fashion Twinkie toy. following the boob it splats to the floor and then crawls away like a snake (y
WOW!! i gotta get me a pair of them.
Her left heel falls off thunking on the stairs only problem is that her left leg is still attached to
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20 days ago (6-May-22 14:04:43) - Formatted Version of My Profile

Discreet, clean, DDF, professional, secure married bi versatile male with a very discreet closet cross dressing fetish who enjoys another bisexual or gay male in a private discreet setting. My body is always fully shaved and smooth. I’m 5’9”, 160 lbs, no drug or alcohol use and in good physical condition.

Cross dressing is strictly a closet fetish for bedroom ‘Social and Recreational’ activities for me, my wife and FWB’s. It’s not a lifestyle, or even close to it for me. While I do enjoy taking TomiCrossex out of her bag on select occasions, I also enjoy being manly as HornyTomy for MM encounters enjoying each other as men.

I am fully bi versatile and enjoy being a top just as much as a bottom, preferring my partner being fully versatile and passionate as well when engaged in play. Versatility is just an ideal preference; I do enjoy top only men as well.

My wife is fully aware of my bisexuality, and my fondness for a nice hard cock like my own. She is also very sexually active, enjoys double penetration and servicing two nice hard cocks. For that matter, we both enjoy servicing nice hard cocks. We especially enjoy having another bisexual or gay male in bed with us for MMF threesomes.

My wife and I enjoy having an extremely limited number of bisexual male FWB’s for “Social and Recreational” activities on an ongoing basis… not one show only.

Not into quick hook ups or one-time only encounters.

I have a discretionary approach and will not play on a first meeting. Will only meet for a social hour or lunch first to ensure mutual attraction, chemistry and
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29 days ago (26-Apr-22 23:40:46) - private parties
ok so stacie and i worked at this club for the next month or two to sold out seats. we then began to get offers to take our show on the road, really more like private showings. we managed to get the management to allow for a day or two off so we could try it out.

the first engagement was at a friend of a friends place. there was about 20 to 25 gay and transgender types there, and i have to say there was some really beautiful people there. everyone was pretty horny. most of the transgender/ CD girls were dressed to the 9's. short short skirts, stockings heels, panties and on and on. one could almost get the since that these folks planned on some sort of participation.

we, stacie and i started slow, kissing and feeling and rubbing. my cock was already hard with the thought of a free for all cock sucking frenzy. this night i was dressed in a pair of cock ring ball splitter g-string. a pair of ultra sheer white nylon lounge pants and a matching top. ankle stockings and my shiny silver hooker heels. stacie had a matching black outfit. needless to say we could have nothing on and the place would still go super nova. these was also several very large screen tv's playing various shemale/CD videos, including one or two of our videos from the club.

as the night warmed up you could tell it was going to be very difficult to keep these folks at bay. in fact the couple of times went to get something to drink i could feel a hand or two reaching between my legs ever so lightly, almost like a wisp of warm air. the cock ring i was wearing helped but was not necessary in keeping me good and hard and sticking out of my sheer nylon like a sore thumb. i dont think i went soft
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30 days ago (25-Apr-22 20:40:24) - Master Ralph
I arrived at Master Ralphs house I was introduce to his wife. the three of us sat around and talked for about 40 minutes. than Master Ralph stood up and said it is time to go upstairs. I was informed that his wife was not going to be involved in todays session.i was shown to a bedroom I was to transform to jade and to come into the hall way. when I got to the hallway I was instructed to kneel. Master Ralph put a collar and a blind fold on me. I was instructed worship his body than Master Ralph took me to another bedroom where I was instructed to climb on to a bondage bed my legs and arms where placed in bondage.Master Ralph put a vacuum pump on my cock and ball and pumped it up. Master Ralph raised my legs up and rammed my ass with a dildlo while pumping the pump. it was a good session
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34 days ago (22-Apr-22 17:58:31) - Not so Wham Bam Thank You Maaam

The purpose of this post is for CD/TS/TV gurls to tell our admirers exactly how we like it. It's very disappointing to do all the work and spend all the time to get dolled up and ready for a good fucking only to be done in five minutes. (hint hint)
So fire away gurls !
I personally think it's paramount to start slow. Easing it in inch by inch, giving time for the pussy to stretch. A little pain reminds us of who we are but a lot makes it a negative experience.
Once it's through the breach, slowly push it all the way in until she can feel your body against hers. (now's the time to ask her how much she likes it) She'll be moaning but she'll hear you.
Now, just because you've gotten balls deep doesn't mean it's time to just start pounding away. That works if the goal is to satisfy yourself and shoot a load as soon as possible but if you have any intent of pleasing your gracious little sissy, you need to be patient.
Leave it in for little bit. Just gyrate your hips ever so slightly. This will help loosen your sissy's hole. Don't forget to grind it in as deep as you can once in a while also. It's a huge turn on that will drive her wild and create the ultimate feeling of femininity that she so adores. That deep grind is heaven for a sissy like me.
Next you're gonna start slow stroking. Long, slow and deep, pushing hard against her as if you were trying to lift her up with your cock.
There's nothing more blissful than the long slow stroke of a cock sliding in and out. Personally, this is the part that sends me over the edge. It gets me so hot.
Don't be in a hurry here. If you can hold that load in you don't want to rush it. Let the sexual intensity build
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35 days ago (20-Apr-22 21:15:05) - Dumb fagwhore Vicki banged and robbed at rest area
I once had a pretty strange experience whoring around at a rest area beside the highway.
Short after I went there I made out with two young east european guys and sucked them off at a picnic table. Then one of them made me take off my top and mini-skirt so he could fuck me on the table, and while getting my asscunt banged, the other took advantage of the situation and sneaked away.

Turned out I was so horny when I had arrived that I forgot to lock my car, so he took my wallet with all the money and papers, as well as all my clothes. Thank god I always keep my keys with me.

As I returned and noticed I tried to confront them, but they just laughed at me, asking me how I'd think to stop them, a practically naked sissy boi against two well shaped lads. I felt totally helpless and humiliated as they headed to their car and drove off, leaving me there just in high-heels and fishnets, my pussy still dripping of his cum.

At first I was completely scared since they now knew my name and address from my papers, afraid that they'd blackmail or even raid me at home, hating myself for being so dumb. But while driving home, embarrassed and bare ass naked, I became more and more aroused, realizing that this was just what a totally depraved cockdumb fagwhore like me deserved. I never heard from them again, but the thrill that they could show up at my place anytime and violate me just as they like lasted for almost half a year...
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41 days ago (15-Apr-22 10:59:05) - Mistress Katherine
Shortly after that amazing first session with Miss K, I was invited back for our first photo shoot. She wanted promo photos for her website and I was flattered to be asked back.

When I arrived she was in a big sweatshirt and baggy pants. A bit disappointed but undaunted, I asked what she was hoping for but she brushed me off with a glass of wine and questions about Erica. How did we meet, how often does she work and how much does Erica's pay site make. Katherine was very straight forward about her intent. She wanted me to duplicate all that for her. When I told her that it's alot of work and commitment, she smiled and told me that I'd be well taken care of.

When I told her the pay site would need 3 photosets a week plus at least one 5 minute x-rated video, her response was let's get started.

I followed her into her bedroom, the largest room in the house with a very wide walk in closet jammed with clothes, lingerie, leather whips, handcuffs, a dildo shelf and more.

She picked out 5 outfits and we went to work with various poses on her bed. The first photo set ended with her in a see through bra and panty outfit. The last few shots of were of her pulling the panties aside expose a huge clit. Fat and at least an inch long. The next two shoots were of Katherine playing with a dildo. In her mouth, pussy and butthole. She was not shy.

At this point I was aroused. Couldn't help having to adjust my hard on in my pants. She knew and I think she enjoyed my discomfort.

For the fourth set, Katherine took us to her adjoining bathroom. she got naked and lay down in the tub. Spreading her legs she began pissing.
Her spray was strong. Reaching
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48 days ago (8-Apr-22 6:00:42) - my pussy in public

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55 days ago (31-Mar-22 18:27:07) - MY Major, Major Score ! ! ! !
This is for all Panty Lover's and CD'ers
A little background - Have any of you ever wanted and desired the panties of some girl / women so much so that you could just about taste them in your mind and took ever opportunity to see what she was wearing or what type of panties she was wearing. Imagining what it would feel like to wear her panties! But never got the chance to barrow any of her panties.
Every Panty Lover Sissy has at least one such person that you are constantly around but for what the reason you are not able to borrow her panties - getting little quick gimps of her panties sticking a little above her shorts or Jeans as she bent over and seeing the panty line of her panties at the same time . . . .

Well, that was the situation I was in with my Sister in Law. My wife (knows about my love to wear panties (I currently wear 24 7 with my own panty draw that she knows about) but she does not condone it or participate) I / we have married for 35+ years and Sister in Law (SiL) is always around. (Like having a bowl of candy sitting and not being able to touch or eat it)
Now bear in mind that SiL in some what chubby more like BBW but there is just something about her that I have desired her for all these yeas (Guess like forbidden fruit) - you know you want it, but you can not have it !

I have all the access to my wife's panties to wear I want along with a large collection of other woman's borrowed panties to wear.

I Prefer to wear other woman's panties, so in the event I am with that Other woman, I get such a thrill knowing I have her panties that she once wore m m m m

But for what ever the reason, SiL is the ultimate goal of my desires
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59 days ago (28-Mar-22 5:11:39) - Must log in more
Hi guys

I haven't been logged in here for a long time. I must get the cogs going again and revamp my profile. I will upload more of my shoots from 121s, solo and my organised parties....
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65 days ago (21-Mar-22 21:53:17) -

I did meet a local guy off here a few years ago after chatting for a while. I was so horny one night in my undies and wanted
to experience sucking a cock again, but this time more one to one.
So this guy picked me up in his car, and as I got in I saw that he already had his hard cock out and playing with it
and I also noticed he wasn't wearing undies either after he said he would be wearing !
So, anyway, we drove to a spot, I was still a bit nervous, but I opened my shirt and pulled my jeans down revealing my silky knickers
and a black basque with stockings, I would have loved seeing the same on him, just panties would have been a turn on, but no,
it turned out all he wanted to do was to wank me off !
There was no sensual rubbing of my cock through my panties, no foreplay, he just reached out and pulled my cock out of my panties
and wanked me off quite fast till I came, I was so turned off by that point. There was no oral, or me playing with him,
nothing ! He then drove me back and that was that, very not my thing. I just felt a bit used again !
It's not difficult to understand,,, I want a panty/undies wearer who would like to dress up in some nice silky undies together and have a nice time !

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69 days ago (18-Mar-22 4:48:26) - jules slut
jules is a faggot slut. message me.
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79 days ago (8-Mar-22 15:09:55) - Growing Breasts
Having my own breasts have interested me for years. i had just ordinary 'man boobs' nothing special. So about twenty years ago I tried two sets of pills - testosterone blockers & estrogen. Nothing was happening physically but I had terrible mood swings & found myself crying a lot, I also found these affected my ability to perform.(which I still suffer from). So I stopped taking the pills. Then the urge to have breasts remerged last year. So I started a two month course of tablets. This time it was advertised as having no side effects in any respect. This was true & by the end of the two months the growth was quite remarkable. I grew a full cup size to become A cup. I wondered & wanted to carryon with the tablets & get to a B size, but chickened out.
The noticeable things with them being bigger is I can feel them being there, the weight & the size - love it. The greatest change is with my nipples. They are always extended & very sensitive. It doesn't matter whether I treat the gentle or rough a message goes to my cock & creates an erection. Plus the urge to ejaculate, but never quite happens. The feeling is absolutely incredible. If you've not tried it you must it's fantastic. I'm going to leave things as they are for now then go for an increase in size a little later..
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89 days ago (26-Feb-22 6:02:19) - An old, but new friend;)
One of my long-time friends, 20+ years, mustered up the courage a few months back to ask if I might want to mess around, also to forget he'd asked if I wasn't. Well, just so happens that we finally got together this evening and had some naughty, naked fun. Little did I know, until he was driving me back to my house, that It had been his first time ever exploring the realm of homosexual intercourse. Struck me funny as we got dressed, when he made a timid remark about possibly getting a place together. I'm going to let him think on that one for a hot minute and see how he works it out on his own before I butt in with my ¢2.
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92 days ago (23-Feb-22 15:06:25) - PUSSY FREE
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101 days ago (14-Feb-22 15:27:35) - Jenny's Valentine's Day Riddle
Jenny's Valentine's Day Riddle

If you are at all like me
offers extra kink.

My challenge for you,
is all wrapped up in haiku.
My Valentine's pics
offer the clues you need.

To the most keen,
pseudo numbers are seen.
Crack this lil' riddle
and give Jenny a call!


Seriously, if any of you go as far as to crack this, please, give me a call! When I answer ask, "May I speak with Jenny please?" People with brains are hard to find. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Hugs and kisses,
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141 days ago (5-Jan-22 14:19:01) - Happy New Year! 2022
Just sending out good greetings for the new year. Hope everybody has a very sexy year. Let's have some fun
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148 days ago (29-Dec-21 16:42:12) - Getting Naughty With My Neighbor

One night in 2009 while coming home from a night of clubbing I walked up the stairs to my apartment and encountered my neighbor Darren. I freaked a little because I was still "in the closet' and only going out in my Melissa mode on weekends or when I was on vacation. Darren is a handsome black man with a great build, sexy eyes and a wonderful smile. Up until that night I had seen him before but we never said more than "Hello!" to one another in the breezeway or parking lot. He said "Hey, I didn't recognize you at first. You look great!" I felt myself blushing but I was also excited and flattered at his compliment. I replied "Thanks!" I was wearing one of my favorite little black dresses, fish nets, black pumps, a black bra, garter belt and gaff to hold my cock and balls in place. We small talked for a few minutes and I finally said to him "Would you like to come in for a beer?" He said "I thought you'd never ask!" I unlocked the door and we stepped inside. I invited him to sit down on the couch and I got us both cold Modelo. We sat and talked for a while and drank our beers. Up until that night I'd been going out as Melissa for about a year and had sex with three white guys. I enjoyed giving head and getting fucked but couldn't cum unless I jerked off while they did my ass. I definitely felt a physical attraction to Darren and from the way he was looking at me I sensed he was attracted to me too. I'd always been turned on my straight interracial porn and transgender interracial porn. But the first time I watched Wendy Williams "A Shemale Gang Bang: The Interracial Version" I knew I wanted to taste a big black
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153 days ago (23-Dec-21 23:50:08) - Two sluts for black cock
candyj3 and I were discussing the extent to which we look up to and admire certain porn actresses, as well as our intense craving to have our holes violated by big, thick, hard black dicks. We thought we'd share something that speaks to both. Please enjoy this photo of Katrina Jade and Anna Bell Peaks, two of the women we most admire!
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156 days ago (20-Dec-21 23:22:28) - Pleasures of Masturbation and 3 somes
One of the ways I like to get off and bed doing it for years consists of using food.
I get a banana cut the top part off and hollow out the insides. I put the contents in a dish. I'll then lather myself with the banana and lather my cock and balls nice and good until I'm rock hard. Then I'll insert my penis into the hollowed out banana peel and jerk off with it. It gets super slippery and the feeling is amazing especially when I ejaculate as it gets super slippery and intensifies my orgasm.

First time I tried it, I was 13 and home alone, not sure what made me think of it but I tried it out as I've always been a very horny and creative masturbator.
I'll always remember that first day trying the banana peel
I was in the bathroom and just thinking about it got me rock hard. I remember it didn't take me long to cum. The most amazing part was when I came and shot up into the banana peel and got so slippery that the peel went flying off my cock but I kept going and omg I was hooked then and there and that's the only way I would masturbate well into my 30s.

I also like to use yogurt and eggs and well. I'll crack 4 eggs into a bowl whisk them good and then pour it over my cock and lather it in nice and good.I always cum hard. I do the same with chocolate pudding.

I've cut a hole in a melon and inserted my cock in it until I cum in it nice and hard
Spaghetti squash works great too and I've many pleasureable masturbation sessions using one.

I dated a girl for a long time and would masturbate with the banana peel every time I jerked off. We were dating and living together for 5 tears and she never knew until she caught me one day, didn't approve
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168 days ago (9-Dec-21 14:13:48) - New sissy slut Julianna Buttmann here
I am Julianna Buttmann.
I am sissyslut who enjoy wearing in sexy lingeries and and dresses, doing makeup, having long-haired wigs and feeling smooth skin.
I am bisexual. I am looking for play partners of all kinds, but I'm primarily a submissive/bottom with boys and switch with for girls or TG/TV/CD Sissies.
I am experimentalist. I love almost everything in sex except sc*t and vi*lence.
I'm voyeur. I like to watch a sex with other people. But much more I am exhibitionist because i love to show myself in feminized way. I always film my sex (solo or not).
I am degradee. I am aroused when someone treats me like a sextoy, calls me like a whore and expose me like sissy.
My goal is becoming bimbo sissy slut
(my current status is part-time crossdresser who starts some social media)

The sissyfication, feminization & bimbofication of me is in your hands. The more you support me, the closer i will be to my goal, the more i will delight you with different content and interactions

I will be glad to receive comments here and under my photos and videos (coming soon), including dirty ones, but without homotransphobia.

I don't add empty accounts as friends. I actively chat with my friend at free time.

Also looking for just friends, primarily tg/tv/cd/sissies and women. I am glad to share your content and links with my audience (followers). And, v.v., i will be glad if you share my content with my name and a link to my account with your audience.

WARNING: you can use my public pics only with my name and a link to my account.
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176 days ago (30-Nov-21 23:59:57) - Girlfriends Dad wanking over us
When I was 15 I had a 14 yr old girlfriend. One afternoon her Dad walked in on us as we were lying on the floor in their lounge. We were head to toe lying next to each other. My arm had disappeared up the leg of her bell bottom jeans. My fingers were in her pussy. She was soaking wet, eyes shut and moaning with pleasure. We heard a noise, turned towards the door and saw her 6ft 4" father standing there staring at me, clocking the fact that my arm was up her jeans and my fingers just had to be inside his daughter's pussy. I froze. She said "It's ok. Do you want to watch? Dad".
He said "carry on and don't mind me". Seconds later he had his big cock out of his trousers and was slowly wanking it. I was confused but went with the flow. When she orgasmed minutes later he shot his load over the two of us. It became a regular thing on a Sunday afternoon. Me fingering or fucking her while her Dad wanked his big cock and spunked over us. A few times I licked his spunk off her tits and then french kissed her. He never went further. I do wonder if he ever did with any of her future boyfriends. We were together for about 18 months. She was wild. And I absolutely loved her being wild.
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200 days ago (6-Nov-21 21:23:11) - 48 hours en femme
In anticipation of my weekend alone, I went to the tanning solon to give my thong tan line a very much needed tune up. Locked myself up in a chastity cage to keep from playing with my clitty at work. When I got home to an empty house, I put my weekend plan into action stripping my drab clothes, cleaning up a bit and getting dressed in my "happy hour fun girl" outfit. Once in my sexy outfit I had a few drinks and started pulling more outfits out of storage...just touching and looking at my wardrobe as I was laying lingerie out and hanging dresses was causing my clitty to drool...
Several drinks in most of my wardrobe organized my clitty was straining in its cage. Still was to go through more things, I hooked up my portable E-stim. One electrode on my taint near my sissy pussy and one on the metal cage...felt like I was getting fucked and a blow job at the same time...concentrating on wardrobe organizing became rather difficult.
Precum was flowing like a river, i was in bliss, I kept increasing the power and before too long, a long continuous stream of milky fluid started flowing out of my still caged clitty...OMG...I finally had a hands free orgasm...the flow of seminal fluid seemed to last a few minutes. Not wanting it to end there, I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with anal stimulation so I got out my favorite dildo and g spot vibrator...feeling super slutty as I practiced deep throating the dildo and working my sissy cunt with the vibrator, my now uncaged clitty start spewing cum! first sissygasm! For hat trick, with the dildo stick to wall of the shower, I drove it balls deep and stroked my clitty until shooting cum all over the shower floor
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208 days ago (30-Oct-21 15:45:50) - Smack my ass
Bend me over smack my ass
I'm so naughty full of sass
Your cock so big hard as brass
Shove it deep and make me gasp
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208 days ago (30-Oct-21 15:06:25) - REVELRY

I do the hippy chick thing, try to get the cobra out ‘the wicker.
I do the natural thing, wondrin’ what she’ll taste like when I lick her?

She’s amusingly coy. She’s a wonderful joy.
She’s a lovely toy. She’s a girl and a boy.

She does the sissy girl thing, hopin’ I will be her mentor.
She does the natural thing, wondrin’ what I’ll feel like when I enter?
He does the pretty boy thing, checks his image in the mirror.
He does the natural thing, wondrin’ how much he should fear her?

She’s amusingly coy. She’s a wonderful joy.
She’s a lovely toy. She’s a girl and a boy.

They do that voyeuring thing, watchin’ as we get our grooves on.
They do the natural thing, wondrin’ who they’ll put their moves on?
We do the revelry thing… see, hear, touch, smell and taste us.
We do the natural thing, wondrin’ how long this has chased us?

She’s amusingly coy. She’s a wonderful joy.
She’s a lovely toy. She’s a girl and a boy.

I do the hippy chick thing. She does the sissy girl thing. He does the pretty boy thing. They do that voyeuring thing. We do the revelry thing.

Revelry… revelry… revelry…
Oh, yes! … I’ve been wanting to do this for years!

Copyright 2021
Mikki Irish
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237 days ago (30-Sep-21 21:59:02) - Your profile and pics.
Carrying on Crossdressing as you get older sometimes is fun, as you get a bit more time to explore and have fun. As yo all can see by my pictures, a lot can be done with a decent camera, not expensive, but certainly not with phone camera's, as the pictures are not that good. But all the same, you good folks keep uploading your fine pictures of your Panties, suspenders, bra's and shaved cock pictures. I do my best when I can, but love some of your comments, god bless you all, and may I come with you !! Joanne. xxx.
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256 days ago (11-Sep-21 23:25:14) - First Time!
A blog, why didn’t I think of this sooner? Get it all down for posterity (as if anyone else is interested).

After being here on NTN for a year and over 5 years on NDN I finally found “someone”. I was just looking for someone to have lunch with, just a burger and fries and talk about the possibilities. I did set a date three years ago to meet a fellow down in Benbrook but he chickened out at the last minute. Was going to meet a fellow over in Dallas but through an “unfortunate occurrence” that didn’t work either. But this time we met through making comments on each other’s pictures for a year and then trading PMs. I liked the look of his face and all of the things in his profile so we decided to meet for lunch and see how it might go. An hours drive for me, an hours drive for him and we met. It wasn’t like “love at first sight” but after talking for a couple of minutes I really liked him. It seemed like I’d known him for a long time.

We ate quickly and adjourned to my (full-size) SUV with the dark windows and climbed into the back seat. With one of the big-box stores there in the same parking lot it was an easy job to park on the outskirts of the parking lot and since it was hot, I left the engine running and the AC on. With other vehicles there as well, idling, it wasn’t out of place at all.

We knew exactly what we were there for so after just about a minute I said “Well, I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.” And with that our shorts were in the floor. I love to write erotic (dirty) scenes and I guess this was no exception. I’ve always
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cheater boy
259 days ago (9-Sep-21 15:52:17) - My latest man cunt FUCKKKKK with my younger neighbour MMMMMM
I had just finished cutting my grass and Andre comes out hes my neighbour and asks if I would like to come in for a drink. I put away my lawnmower and head over to his house Im hot and sweaty. I apologized for that and he says no problem we can fix that. He hands me a scotch which tastes so good.

Hes sitting across from me in shorts as I am as well. I do notice that his man clitty is starting to rise and Im getting horny as well looking at him.
He starts to massage his man clitty and Im getting FUCKKKKING HARRRRRD and WETTTTTT watching I start to massage mine as well Andre gets up and takes down his shorts and there is his man clitty so DEEEEEEEELICIOUS looking I stand up drop my shorts and we both walk to each other and start massaging each others man clitties SSSSSSSO EROTIC......

We both go over to his couch he lays back and I take his man clitty deep into my mouth and I suck and lick up and down his shaft as I pull his hood back and forth over his swelling head. He tells me to get into a 69 position and we deep throat each other. His tongue also licks sucks and excites my man cunt as well. I tell him to stop because I will explode. I tell him Ive been stretching my may man cunt with my toys I say please FUCKKKKK ME he says Im going to, he gets up and proceeds to spread my cheeks and gently enters me. MMMMMMMM he fits so well he is so gentle slow fast deep and MMMMMMMMMM I reach back and squeeze his tightening ball sack he is breathing faster and fucking my man cunt faster he fits just right and FEEEEELS so good. I feel his ball sack tighten I know Im going too be flooded with his hot CUMMMMMMM Andre yells out IMMMMM CUMMMMMING I say cummm baby CUMMMMMM fill
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263 days ago (5-Sep-21 17:15:43) - The wanking club
They called it the wanking club. Really it was 8 retired guys who lied to their families about playing golf and going to the pub while really they would meet up and watch each other wank. They used to meet up every week at Martins House. They would watch porno together or tell dirty stories while they all stood or sat around with their cocks in their hands having a good old wank. The party was over when the last guy shot his load.
I met Martin through x hamster as he sent me a message saying the club was a fan of my videos. He'd noticed that I only live one town away and wondered if I would like to join the club one week. I have always wanted to be the target of a bukkakai group so I agreed to be their muse and arranged to visit his home for their usual Friday lunch time club.
I arrived in normal mode. Met Martin and went off to an upstairs bathroom to get dressed up. I had deliberately worn black. A thin black satin chemise and black stockings and heels. Dark long wig and a little black chocker. A bra just to hold my breast forms in place and whore red lipstick and smoky grey eye shadow and lots of blusher.
I looked a total whore as I stepped out of the bathroom and I'd tucked my shaved cock between my legs and pulled my satin knickers up tight.
I walked into the lounge area and all of the club were there.
Martin and his friends were all there making drinks and chatting. They became quiet as I walked in and Martin said "here you go fellas, meet Patrice"
I did a kind of curtesy and got a few raised eye brows. I asked where they wanted me and I noticed there was a chezlong in the middle of room. One of the guys went to the window and drew the curtains
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265 days ago (3-Sep-21 17:30:53) - Hook ups
Suggestions on connecting. Craiglists was so easy. Are there other sites available? Prefer not paying.
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276 days ago (22-Aug-21 23:49:00) -
I'm Transgrnder but a solely bottom. Submissive sub. But call me a Transgrnderisi it means solely bottom. I'm Jackzy it sounds like Jackie but spelled a little different. Also call me Roxie. I'm uploading every dating sites. I'm one Grinder. I'm on A4A. So Happy that I get to be here and show you my nudes and my body off to you.
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280 days ago (19-Aug-21 17:55:20) - Hey everybody
Hey folks!
I came back after several month...hope to know many people and have fun.
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283 days ago (16-Aug-21 9:37:03) - Home Alone until 27th August
Hi all

I'm home alone until 27th August - I'm intending to spend all day wearing fishnet stockings, lace suspenders and lacey girly knickers. In addition to the lingerie sets in my photos, I also have a new turquoise set and a new light green set which I want to show everyone.

I'd love you to join me for some Cam-to-Cam sessions. I'll usually be available between 08:00 - 23:00 (British Summer Time) - I may not always be on site. If anyone would like to meet for a Cam-to-Cam, please message me and I'll make sure I'm available. Also, you can choose which underwear you'd like me to be wearing, whether you'd like me to wear a skirt and high heels and whether you'd like me to do a striptease for you.

I hope some of you would like to do this.

GB xx

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284 days ago (14-Aug-21 20:07:58) - Oral night
I've once spent the night with a beautiful woman, meet me at her door in stockings and a pair of silk panties and a blue corset. We sat down on her sofa, me staring at her beauty her running her hand up my inner thigh whilst we both just sipped at our drinks.
As her hand reach my crotch we place our drinks down and both leant in to kiss our hands now exploring each others body's. I pull aside her panties and start to stroke her soft cock feeling it's warmth in my hand and its firmness as it grew stiff with every stroke. Our lips explored each other as her hand reached in and grabbed my already hard cock out and began to slowly stroke in, she broke of the kiss and knelt down and I felt her lips slide over me her tongue tease my head as she slid down my shaft. Watching her slide up and down and taking me out of her mouth and running her tongue up from base to the tip whilst she softly massaged my balls in her hand all I could do was to sit back and let the pleasure wash over me. As I didn't want cum there and then I pulled her up and locked our lips together and got her to sit so I could stroke both of us in my hand feeling her hard cock against mine as I stroked softly and slowly till I motioned for her to to swap places and to sit on the soft so I could return the favour of her blow job, as we swapped places she pully jeans down and if top off as slid her corset down her chest revealing her soft chest and her soft nipples who just begged to be sacked on before I went any lower. Her nipples were soft between my lips with my tongue lapping at them in turn nibbling them softly to hear her soft moans as I did. Then I kissed my way down lower till I reached her hard cock and
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288 days ago (10-Aug-21 19:45:50) - took the plunge
went premium; so glad to be able to see all your hot videos and follow more delicious CD's
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303 days ago (27-Jul-21 7:09:08) - New Cage
Might have made a mistake here, shaved all over, put new Itsy Cock Cage on and then took 2 x Viagra.... Oh Fuck the Feelings are so Icredibly Intensive .....
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305 days ago (25-Jul-21 5:16:34) - my sissy walk in the woods
1 late afternoon i got in my truck n i went to a new park ive never been too for a walk dressed in my super tight leggings/ femme sneakers/ leopard print top/bra n my 42ee fake breasts
so i walked for about 1-2 hours on a trail that lead back to the parking lot it was getting dark the closer i got to the parking lot
wen i got out to the parking lot i said omg omg where is my truck i stood there for a few minutes horrified my truck was gone i didnt know what to do i was scared to death n almost crying all my reg clothes were in my truck with my phone/money etc there was only 1 light pole there with a sign on it that i didnt read it stupid me it said any vehicles in the lot after closing will be towed at owners expence and a lil sign under that said park is closed at dusk now i hav no phone no money to call someone for a ride i am so f..ked cuz driving it took me 40 minutes to get to the park so after i calmed down i started walking down the darkest road ive ever seen in the middle of nowhere no houses no street lights nothing after what felt like hours i came to a intersection with a traffic light and a closed corner store i waited n watched for any cars to cum by n wen i thought no one was gonna drive by i ran across the intersection to the corner store to see if it had a pay phone outside n ofcorse it didnt so as im standing in front of the store head lights pop on from behind the store i was like oooommmmmgggg n out drives a cop car n sees me n pulls up in front of me i was shaking so bad n the female cop is laughing histericly n says what the f..k r yu doing out here dressed as a woman i could barely talk from being so scared i had to explain what all happened to me
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306 days ago (24-Jul-21 13:53:48) - how much cum have you swallowed??
Hi gurls, I was thinking about all the sweet cum loads I have swallowed in my life time of being a queer faggot even before I accepted that I am female. I thought it would be fun to try to calculate all that sweet sperm. I Know the average amount of a man's cum load is 10 CC's. There are 946 cc's in a quart. For each quart it would be about 95 loads. Doing the math I estimate that I have gulped down about 2 to 2-1/2 quarts of warm sweet sperm. (that only counts swallowed loads). Before you think I am a total cock whore (oh never mind I am one). Not sure how many different cocks but it’s the cum that counts. How about you are you a bigger cum drinker then me?????? Let me know it’s a fun thought.
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318 days ago (11-Jul-21 22:44:39) - OMG
Friday I woke up early...Mistress Roxy was going to be here soon. I showered, shaved as smooth as I could, a little make-up, lipstick, fixed my hair and put my nightie on with my favorite heels.

When she got here the fun started. See we had planned taking a coffee enema together. While we were doing that we just chilled and played with our clitty’s while we filled...then Mistress reached out for my clitty. I reached out and touched hers. Then she started licking me...sucking me but I did not cum.

After we played it was time to get some lunch and go shopping. Sadly me in dude mode and her as Roxy. Hey my town is not yet ready for Blanda. That said my local pub where everyone knows me is where we had lunch. Me with a sexy T-Gurl I just shared a enema with and some.

Shopping at Ross and TJ Max was next. I scored some new Emma Atterbury Vans!

Can’t wait until our next adventure.
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319 days ago (11-Jul-21 2:55:38) - Super sticky facial
So, there i was, at the cruising spot, changing into my pink mesh panties, fish net stockings, high heels and a waist trainer,.it was a little rainy, and a little slow for a Saturday afternoon. That's when a familiar face drove by. I looked and remembered he shot a load all over my friends Lupe and my face one afternoon, automatically i started getting horny, plus I'm in lingerie so I'm getting really excited, last time i saw him i was wearing men's clothes,. He drives by a couple more times, i know he remembers me, so i pull up behind him, and step out my truck in lingerie and walk over, he was nude, his circumcised cock was dangling and we chitchat for a moment while i shake his cock to greet him, he started getting hard, he loves being naked he tells me. I like wearing lingerie i tell him. We noticed a strange truck a little ways down so we separate for a few. He tells me to come to the end of the road. I waited for a few cars to drive by, i been watching porn the whole time so I'm very horny, i work my way to where he was, i step out, my heels sink a little in the wet dirt , he walks over, he's wearing a cock ring and he's hard, about 6.5 in circumcised, nice long dick,. I know my place as a sissy, so i stroke it 3 times and get on my knees and start sucking his cock, good size cock. It smelled nice and clean, i had my tongue in his urethra while i pulled his balls and deep throated his cock, i sucked him hard for 5 minutes or so when i felt his big head start to swell. I knew he was about to shoot his load, i already know he's a heavy cummer. He takes control of his cock, he starts stroking and aims his cock over to the right of my face. I looked at him and said, "
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322 days ago (7-Jul-21 21:49:08) - First Time Dressing
I was a teen when I first dressed . I would visit 3 seniors , brother 65 sister 75 and mom 95 + in a huge house , and they would go to the basement to have dinner and watch spanish TV because that is where mom lived . I would go upstairs and would search rooms and drawers and one day I found what I think was the daughter's Wedding Corset , Stockings and Panty .
I was always a Horny kid from the first time I jerked My Virgin Cock and Came ! I went to the bathroom and Dressed as A Bride ! I wish I had a phone camera then to take many pictures of A Virgin Bride . Someday , I'm going to buy a Wedding Dress and be A Real Bride and maybe be Joined by My New Wife !
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333 days ago (27-Jun-21 1:46:51) - Another tiring session
I had another session with Stuart and a friend of his (Net met him before) and Stuart wanted to show his friend what I could do, I was dressed real slut like with a white blouse and short leather skirt on with pretty pink underwear and stockings and garter. I don't put lipstick on until Stuart tells me what colour. On this day he told me to put my pink lippy on and to put it on quite thick. Ho then told me to pose for his friend (His name was Rob) and to bend over in front of him so he could see up my skirt and check out my underwear. Stuart then ordered me to my knees while he put my collar and lead on and told Rob that he shows no mercy. His friend just sat by initially and watched me service Stuart. I sucked Stuart hard all the time he was pushing his cock into my mouth deeper and deeper. He then quickly pulled out and told me it was time to do Rob. Rob was a bit gentle at first but as Stuart encouraged him his tempo picked up. Rob only has a smallish cock so it was no effort taking him all the way. While doing Rob, Stuart started to lube me up and it was at this point I know I was in for a spit roasting . Between the 2 of them they totally dominated me and fucked me long and hard....I was really getting off on it and wanted it to last longer when Rob blew his load. He made sure that it hit me square in the face, in my eyes and dripping over my lips. Stuart, having seen this then pulled out of me a with a few good strokes did the same. Stuart is quite a heavy cummer and my face was just covered in mixed cum,

The 2 guys were done so they just dressed and told me they were was disappointing for me as I wanted more but I'm sure that it will happen again
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341 days ago (19-Jun-21 14:42:13) - Nudist bathing on Brighton beach.
One Sunday a few years ago Sandra suggested we go to Brighton nudist beach for the day to see if there was any action there. It was not our first time sun bathing in the nude, we had been to a few places and wow so many adventurous people. Back at Brighton we found the part of the beach set aside for nude bathing after asking a guy the way. On arrival it was not busy, we laid out our nice thick blanket (lots of large stones) and stripped off, immediately we had that feeling of being watched which pleased us both. I went for a swim first leaving Sandra naked and applying sun cream over her whole body, as I was swimming I saw 2 men walk up to Sandra and then one of them was helping her with the sun cream. The other guy was sat beside her. When I joined them Sandra introduced them to me, as we chatted, both the guys became very close to Sandra and both had semi hard cocks. The hairy guy of the two asked Sandra if she would like a swim, as they walked hand in hand to the water the other guy asked if we were bi or hetro, I told him we are both Bi and that I am a crossdresser, he seemed very happy with my reply putting his hand on my thigh. Looking out to sea we could see that Sandra and her new found friend were really enjoying themselves, they were waist deep in the sea, his hands on Sandra`s big tits and pressing his body against her from the rear, I said to my new friend `I wonder which hole he is in?, my friend laughed and took holed of my cock, we kissed and laid back. He asked ` do you take or give or both?, I told him I take, I can`t give hence why your friend is fucking Sandra right now`. He rolled me so I was on my side and I could feel his cock at the entrance of my love
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352 days ago (8-Jun-21 16:32:49) - In DC area mid-Sept and looking for fun
I will be in the Washington DC area Sept 10-13 and looking for some naughty fun with guys, couples, groups or other sissies. Serious inquires only.

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353 days ago (7-Jun-21 15:45:50) - M&M
Me and Marsha finally made lesbian love on Sunday.
We actually took the time to fully dress me completely.
Might have been the most intense sex of my life!!!
OMG we both climaxed at the same time and the cum just seemed it would never stop!!!
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353 days ago (7-Jun-21 13:08:30) - brenda
Long time crossdresser looking for friendship n maybe romance dress up several times a week you ?
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