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7 hours ago (15-Dec-19 13:28:42) - Nightie
Got a arrangement later to buy more lingerie nighties, have bought from her before, she's big and her things are plus size, 2,3,4x but that's ok as long as I get something. The price is right and they are new unworn so I am excited to wear them, and then show my mil
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1 day ago (14-Dec-19 7:53:24) - Looking for cock today
Any one in the north east want to play
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2 days ago (12-Dec-19 21:25:52) - Christmas Outfits
My Hello Kitty skirt, black thigh highs and red silk robe, that's a Christmas outfit. Hope you all have a nice holiday season!!!
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3 days ago (12-Dec-19 17:29:28) - My wonderful year
Hi everyone, firstly I would like to say a massive big thank you for all the comments made to my pics and vids, secondly a huge thank you to those guys and gurls who had my body over the past year, I sincerely hope that you enjoyed having me for whatever pleasures you wanted and received. As well as being in touch with numerous people from the UK, it has been wonderful to be in touch with people from around the world. This year has been wonderful, yes there have been a few ups and downs but the ups have over ridden the downs.

I have been lucky to meet and play with a mixture of people, Gay, Bi, people of all colours, religion and from all walks of life. I have learnt a few new positions that I never thought I would get into, been tied up, insulted (I like that), gagged, pounded, used and abused and lots more. Enjoyed every second of it and of course will want lots more of the same.

I was hoping to get one more fuck in before Christmas but its not to be, unfortunately. So I now wish you all a very merry festive season, hope you all get what you want. I will be on here occasionally to pick up any mail and have a chat.

I am looking forward to 2020 and hope to see all my past lovers again and meet many more so I can give them anything they want and much, much more. (Anything goes with me)

Take care one and all, love and hugs from your CUMDUMP FIONA. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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3 days ago (12-Dec-19 3:13:37) - Plugging - done for today
Ok, I only lasted 2 hours with the plug in. Not quite the 8 hours I was hoping for but I guess this is the first attempt.

It did feel uncomfortable at the end of the two hours - in fact, it was uncomfortable 1.5 hours in but I persisted determined to get to 2 hours.

I think I need a more comfortable plug - one with a longer neck that will stay in more securely.

Time to go shopping ;-)

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3 days ago (12-Dec-19 0:57:46) - ‘‘Tis the season for frustration
Tis the season when almost every “in the closet” crossdresser faces the question he can’t answer honestly. Actually, for many of us the question is asked twice a year. What do you want for Christmas? What do you want for your birthday? How do you tell your unknowing wife that instead of a new pair of pajamas you really want a baby doll nightie? How do you tell your mother that instead of more boxers and t-shirts you want a lacy bra and panty set? How do you tell your girlfriend you would like her to get the two of you matching hers and yours teddies? Those of you who have understanding and supportive wives, parents, girlfriends or boyfriends are very lucky indeed. The rest of us are sure to experience some disappointment when opening gifts. Tis the season for frustration.
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7 days ago (7-Dec-19 21:20:12) - Sucking My Current 'Stallion Daddy'
Words seem so inadequate to try and describe that incredible sensation of tongue tip meeting cock slit for the first time each time I visit my 'Stallion Daddy'. HIS beautiful magnificent 'stallion' sized cock is everything. My lips gently slide down over just the first tip of his amazing cock head….. ohhhhhhh it’s so soft…. so warm... so tender… so curved… so perfectly rounded… oh so precious…. ohhhh so wonderful… My lips and mouth 'grip' his foreskin and then 'masturbate' him, I slide his skin back and forth over that head.... mhmmmm such a gorgeous thing to do!

More and more visits see me become his 'gurly-boi' for real - I slip to my knees in an instant when he tells me to do so - when he gruffy tells me to "get on my knees and suck me" (or "my cock")! I am his - my mouth is his to fuck - i gag on him, i choke on him till tears run down my cheeks but everytime i go back for more! I love his cock so much and i eagerly, willingly, selfishly 'milk' him everytime!

As our relationship and understanding of each other grows he affords me the small but beautiful luxury of not washing his cock before i arrive, so that i can get to taste his most beautiful intimate lingering pee flavours all over his head and slit, and under his skin... mhmmm its a small beautiful gift i love! I want - no I CRAVE his scent on me, in me... as my first ever daddy said to me years ago, I want HIM to know that I am HIS sex toy... that his scent is akin to the way a dog marks is territory and that with his scent on me i am his! I love it.
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14 days ago (1-Dec-19 6:37:24) - Anybody interested?
Truly, is there anyone in the world interested in a blog I'd write? A 69-year old short fat man with no hope of dressing like a woman? An old short fat guy who has missed every opportunity to live the life he wanted to, but tried to be the normal, working, married, beer-drinking, meat-eating blue-collar guy like all his friends and pals. And who has some serious buyer's remorse for having lived the life expected but not the life he wanted.
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31 days ago (14-Nov-19 18:02:06) - CROSS DRESSING
Well I got a shock from my wife yesterday. She said she had been sneaking around meeting another man for sex..She said she told him that from now on he had to meet her at her house. I told her if that is what she wanted I would do any thing for her.She said but one thing she wanted me to do was to dress up in my outfit. The outfit I was to wear was my garter belt and nylons ,can I wear my panties she said no let it hang out. well she said her boy friend was due in a little while. So I got dressed and she said for me to answer the door for him when he would ring the door bell. She said she was going to shower and get ready. The door bell rang and I opened the door, he said boy I love your outfit do you wear it all the time. said no just when i'am told to wear it. I also love your hard dick. I said i'am supposed to entertain you what would you like me to do. he said want to suck me for awhile as he dropped his pants and I saw a pair of ;ace panties encasing his dick which was as hard as a rock..i said how come your hard in pantie she said your wife bought them for me to wear I love them . he slid his panties down and I got on my knees and took his dick in my mouth and my wife came in dressed in her garter belt and nylons and sat down and spread her legs and said please continue so I sucked him until her came and my wife came also. they then left for a date and I was home alone with a mouth full of cum. that was great hope we can do that more often
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32 days ago (13-Nov-19 7:24:20) - weekend at the falls
hello everyone, Woke up on Saturday morning feeling so fem. After the whirlwind Friday, I just knew today was going to be even better. I got up early and was in the bathroom getting ready for a new day, when my friend Bob, walked in. I had just finished showering and was brushing my teeth. I was wearing only a robe when he came in, opened it and gave me a wonderful blow job to start the day. Afterwards, I walked over to my suitcase to pick an outfit for the day. Decided on some beautiful purple lingerie, lace boy shorts and a bra. Followed by some cute shorts and a black top. I put my wig on after I applied my make-up and down to breakfast we went. After breakfast we went out walking and hit the Shops for some tourist shopping. I was feeling so confident and feminine as we walked around. I seem to have been blending in nicely as I never got a second look or heard any muttering behind my back. What a great feeling. We were just killing time and enjoying each others company when Bob suggested we head back to the hotel. As we got on the elevator to head up, he pinned me against the wall and kissed me so passionately. I knew then why he wanted to go back to the hotel. Back in the room he sat me on the bed, went to lock the door and came back over to me. I could see he had a hard on as he dropped his pants. Looking at his beautiful cock, I instinctively took it in my mouth and bobbed and sucked on it so lovingly. After a little bit, he told me to stand up where he undressed me very slowly. I was so horny by this time. He told me to get on the bed on all fours which I did. I looked back and saw him lubing his cock and then he applied some to my now very hungry and horny hole. He eased it inside of me til he was balls deep. We (continued...)
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34 days ago (11-Nov-19 19:21:45) - A Meet With A View
I met someone after chatting to them in the Chat Room and we had a wonderful time.

His place was a really nice, secluded house, set well back from and road with a very big garned that backed onto a nice stretch of river. Not only was it secluded but he had a really large consevatory that while we were able to se all the garden it was well hidden from any outside view point.

I arrived with nice underwear beneath my normal man attire: stockings, suspender belt and panties, Once there I changed fully in one of the bed rooms, putting on a nice lacy bra with incerts, skirt, blouse, shoes, wig and make up. By the time I came out fully dressed, he had changed into basque, stockings, panties, a nice flowery dress, wig, make up and shoes. Wer both took tea, sitting on the outside patio and spent time wandering around the garden enjoying some fine weather and generally just chatting. We did see some fishermen on the far bank walking past and they called, "hello", to which we responded. I know they had no idea that we were cross dressers, they just though we were two women in the garden.

We then retired to the conservatory and pulled down a sofa bed and had a fantastic time playing with each other, kissing, touching, stroking, sucking and wanking. We didn't remove much in the way of clothing, just panties and during that time we say several other fishermen walk past way down the bottom of the garden on the far side of the river which just highlightened the whole experience. It was a superb sexy session that resulted in both of us being well spent befoe we straightened ourseleves out and went back into the garden for some more tea.
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47 days ago (29-Oct-19 13:11:09) - any fun gurls
wanna chat about this blog do let vickiejoe know
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50 days ago (26-Oct-19 6:57:03) -
Perth sissy in Ballajura wa needs to be exposed as a sissy, willing to travel as I cannot host! Love sucking cock and would enjoy being exposed as a sissy, take pictures of me in public and post! Love being on chaturbate or video and post to porn sites!
Google sukeytigger mega cams images
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56 days ago (19-Oct-19 23:33:19) - Nothing has changed (and that's the problem)
I'm amazed at how far I have come (is that a great way to start a blog entry or what?) since decided to jump into dressing more than just an article of clothing here and there. In the last few years I've bought not only pantyhose (too many pairs to count), dresses, but also gaffs (panties designed for men), breast forms, bras, wigs, makeup kits, shoes, and more. I've enjoyed dressing up and posting my pictures online, getting naked for men, and even doing a few jerk-off sessions on Chaturbate.

I've gone from wanting to just dress up as a woman to wanting to be with a man sexually. I've finally admitted to myself that my dressing is pretty much sexual although I do enjoy the inner feeling of presenting myself dressed up. I've realized that at this point in my life I really don't want to be a woman full time nor do I want to be in dress other than a few days a month even though I crave it daily. A lot of this has to do with being married and having a job where I'm expected to be a man. While part of me wants to tell my wife and continue on my path to see how far I want to go as Deanna part of me enjoys the life I have and that temptation on the side.

I've been very selective and careful with potentially having sex with a guy. I've met DOZENS of eager and nearby men who have offered to put up hotels and come over to see me, but I'm nervous of getting caught, robbed, or worse yet; getting a disease. I'm also not attracted to men other than cocks. I have no desire to kiss a man although in the heat of the action Deanna will probably take cruise control over me, but I am dying inside for not being able to enjoy a nice solid dick in my mouth and hands as well as my ass.

I don't want to lower my expectations, (continued...)
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63 days ago (13-Oct-19 14:30:44) -
thanks for all the comments, made me feel welcome x
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78 days ago (28-Sep-19 13:50:00) - Help lose virginity
If there is anyone around me who wants to play please message me and I can be your fantasy ????
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78 days ago (27-Sep-19 23:12:36) - Orgía cruising: pollas y culos mojados.
Ayer estuve de suerte.
Mi culo y boca pedían maxo y no tuve uno, como siempre. Por fin pude hacer mi fantasía realidad y encontrarme con varios bien calientes. Con muchas ganas de follar.

En la zona de cruising a la que suelo ir a chupar polla y dejarme encular, ayer aparcaron varios coches. Yo, en mis matorrales me masturbaba mirando como se acercaban varios tios ya con la polla sacada. Venían directo hacia mi.
Estaba asustada porque también cuentan cosas desagradables de robos y demás, pero como una buena puta tenía que quedarme quieta pasara lo que pasara.
Y así fue. LLegaron hasta mi.

Eran 5 y parece que se conocían y conocían la zona. Quizás sabían que en ese lugar donde estaba encontrarían una putita para jugar con ella a su antojo.

Yo estaba desnuda, sólo con una tanga negra diminuta y mi pollita fuera de ella, algo empalmada. Mis uñas pintadas de rojo intenso como mis labios, deseosa de recibir por todos lados.

Orgía cruising: pollas y culos mojados.

El más gordo y fuerte 40 años y de al menos 1.90 y 120 de peso en puro músculo me agarró fuerte como si me fuera a escapar, cosa que no pensaba hacer, pero así ellos se aseguraban de que su puta se estaría quieta y sumisa mientras...uno delgadito y con perilla, jovencito de veintitantos en vaqueros y con un Marlboro en la boca sacó el cigarro y me morreaba la boca mientras me sobaba la pollita y los huevos con fuerza.

No podía ver lo que hacían los otros tres, pero una mano grande y peluda me sobaba el culo y su dedo pulgar húmedo se metió dentro de mi ano palpando el (continued...)
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78 days ago (27-Sep-19 21:48:30) -
I love to suck cock and get fucked!
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87 days ago (19-Sep-19 18:28:31) - part 4 being recognized
Part 4
We woke in the morning both rock fucking hard. We sucked each other’s cocks until we drained our balls again. He had things to do so he showered and got dressed. He kissed me when he left and said I’ll give you a call later on. I was hoping to see him again tonight fuck I was addicted to his beautiful fucking body, his tight virgin asshole, his huge fucking cock. I wanted him to piss in my mouth so fucking bad but was nervous to ask him to do something so naughty but fuck I’ve already had my tongue up his shit hole and you can’t get any naughtier then that so I just might ask him. He called me later that day and told me what a great time he had last night. I asked if he was going to come over tonight and he told he was going to go out with his GF. I felt a bit of jealousy knowing she was going to get that sweet cock tonight instead of me. But then he added I think I would rather fuck you tonight instead of her you go crazy for my cock and that turns me on big time. That made me feel so fucking good to hear him say that. I think maybe Steve is turning queer, I can only hope. We planned to get together in a couple of days. Fuck he is a horny little fuck and that suits this girl just fine.
I can see myself sleeping with him every night and taking his fucking sperm every day. Fuck maybe I am falling in love with Steve I know I liked him from the first day I met him naked at the club. It was always a little more than just looking at his fantastic body and cock, he was a really nice guy and we got along great just as friends. I think about him all the time but now I can see it is more than just friendship and more than just lust for his fucking hot male body and huge fucking cock. I (continued...)
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102 days ago (4-Sep-19 19:28:14) - Crazy Right
Got crazy last Monday and ran out of beer, I was dressed of course but not drunk, only had 2 beers, 10 o'clock at night, climb into my car and headed to the store drive thru got a case of beer and rather than head home went to the Lounge a gay hangout. Yea I went in Had a great time, there was only two of us in there. had several drinks and a great conversation with Kiel, it closed at 12:00 so I headed home and don't you know I go by the second gay bar in town and stop there. Yup, went in had a great time left there at 3 A.M.
Oh and by the way I put a butt plug in at 4:30 pm that day, never took it out WOW that is the longest time I ever did that, felt great, felt great being dressed all night too. I found out nobody cares, I'll have to try it again soon.
Nuts right? As soon as the US Open is over I will have to try another night work my way closer to a weekend trip there.
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108 days ago (29-Aug-19 6:10:24) - Having a time of my life trying to get as much sex as i can but never enough bye gurls happy fucking
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111 days ago (26-Aug-19 10:55:47) - waiting to meet a friiend to play with!
All my life I have been straight. When I turned 65 I started to fantasize about being in a sexual situation with a man OR a man dressed like a woman!

The town I live in Northwest Arizona is fairly small, BUT I'd still like to find a friend or maybe two who would meet with me and let us explore our fantasies together.

I'd be willing to even travel as far as Las Vegas to meet the right man.

I think Ill be more of a bottom, and I'd like to feel a man in my mouth and in my ass! I think about it often when I'm jacking off.

Would like to make another man's fantasies become reality, the thought of feeling a silky satin panty that has a bulge in it, sounds wonderful!

So anyone want to make these fantasies come true? I'm not bad to look at and do have some nice clothes I could wear if you want me too. Have to be discreet too..
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111 days ago (25-Aug-19 22:33:41) - Panties & lingerie swap/trade
Like a lot of you, I've collected a ton of lingerie and fem wear over the years...most of it hardly worn and still want more. I was thinking about donating a lot of it to one of my favorite thrift/charity stores to make room for more...I thought maybe it would be more fun to offer offer it up to you gurls.
A trade for things you don't want anymore would be ideal but I'm open for donating to the right gurl...I'm thinking, trading pics and stories of wearing each other's things would be fun.
My panties are size 7/large and above the waist items are XL to XXL, shoes are US12
PM me if you're interested
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115 days ago (22-Aug-19 1:28:03) -
I got my Natureday products today and am starting my enhancement process. I was very nervous, but I just started, didn't second guess. I now feel very excilerated about my journey
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117 days ago (19-Aug-19 22:53:11) - The story of Jasmine part 2
The following day you drove Ashley to the airport, on the way not much was said about the previous evening until, "Are you mad at me Ross"?
"Yes I am, there was no need for you to do what you did, you totally humiliated me. Not to mention Pete walking in on us like that, I don't think he'll ever look me in the face again".
"But you got aroused when Jenny was looking at you and stroking you, so you couldn't have been too humiliated. I told her about your cross dressing a long time ago, however it wasn't until you accidentally left your laptop on your NBN site with your pics on display that I knew how deeply you were into it. Then I saw the emails to this Paula and I realized something has to be done. I often complained that I wanted the man I married, but I now accept you are still that man but you have other peculiarities, for want of a better word; and that I must learn to live with them, I do love you Ross and I do not want this to break us up. It was unfortunate that Pete found out the way he did. Jenny on the other hand finds it exciting and would love Pete to wear her underwear".
"So where do we go from here honey"?
"Once you see my plane depart, open that envelope I gave you, then you will have a choice to make, I hope that what I have outlined in it will ensure our happiness". She laid her hand on your thigh and leant over to kiss you on the cheek.
"Are you and Jenny lovers"?
Ashley looked at you, "No, we have had a couple of nights together and enjoyed making love but to be honest it is not something I could do full time with a woman. In all we have only done it four times in two years. When we discussed having a foursome, Jenny (continued...)
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119 days ago (18-Aug-19 20:25:38) - New
My new contact just left and, wow, I hope he returns for more. I met him at the door wearing a tiny G-string and gauze shirt. He (I'll call him Dick) was dressed casually so we sat down in the living room and talked for a few minutes. While we talked, I turned on the TV with a pre-loaded video. The screen opened just where I wanted it; a Black guy was sucking a White guy's huge cock and playing with his balls. We turned our attention to the scene in front of us and after a few I reached over to find he was hard as a rock. I unzipped his pants and reached in to find he wasn't wearing any underwear. I found his dick and started to slowly play with it. It had been a while since I was with another man so when he groaned, I knew I was on the right track.

We stood up while he stripped naked and I pulled off my G-string. Even I was a little hard when I saw his thick, 7,.5" cock and heavy ball sack. We kissed and felt each other up for a while until I pushed him back on the couch and got between his knees. I immediately took his cock back in my moth and started to suck him as deep as I could. After about five minutes he pulled me off and kissed me again.
"I don't want to cum too, quickly" he said.
I sat back a bit and said, "What kind of porn would you like to see?"
"I've always been turned on by Tranny porn. Does that sound weird?"
"No", I said, "I love Trannys" and got up to switch videos.

I put in a hot Tranny porn and when I turned around he was slowly jerking his very stiff cock. I sat down and watched for a few minutes. Then on the screen was a beautiful, big titted Gurl with a huge cock and a little guy was sucking (continued...)
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119 days ago (18-Aug-19 3:12:44) - Grow up. Ugh
You know that asshole brother in law of mine is such an immature macho POS. I've hated him forever. He loves talking shit to me cause he knows I won't say anything. I made the mistake of talking back to him once years ago. He pinned me to the ground and beat my face in. I was swollen for a whole weak. Since then I just ignore him the best I can. The hurt when he starts up and my mom says to me to just ignore him and don't say anything. I Dont want him to beat you up again. It stings. Every time he starts I just remember how painful it was him hitting me. I just walk away. Im not a strong nor violent person. Im very timid. And he preys on it. Must make him feel like a big man preying on the weak and timid. I had to leave. So nervous and shaking right now.
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124 days ago (13-Aug-19 14:43:44) - Hey beautiful x
Hi I’m Jake

Please keep reading if you fancy a young well disciplined and advanced sissy!

I would love to book a days holiday off work and go round my masters house for an all day for his or her desire and pleasure.....
Or come over on the weekend and be used all night when you have horny dreams or wake up stiff heheh xxxxxx
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125 days ago (12-Aug-19 9:35:06) -
Ok Sissy Seanette is now a paid member ... god I sooo love to dress like a slutty sissy gurl ... and I love cock and balls and cum and fucking.. and love to expose and have sex is a secluded public place. I am married and no one knows I crossdress and LOVE COCK. I am in Buffalo, NY You can write me , maybe we can Play? seanette55@ [link removed]
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137 days ago (31-Jul-19 2:07:44) - helping hand
I recently helped somebody to do some routine prop maintenance. I always wear shorts so when i was on my hands and knees i had that feeling i was being watched, i was right, i looked over my shoulder, there he was standing not far away looking at my arse with his hand in his pocket, i asked if everything was ok he said everythings fine "just looking" so i carried on . This sparked my imagination and i started to get a bit horny. A little while later i was working in a doorway [still on my knees] he squeezed past resting his hand on my bottom of my back, gently but lingered just a fraction before he moved past. On his way back he squeezed by again placing the palm of his hand on my right arse cheek and patted as he said he'll put the kettle on. he called me, cuppa's made. he placed the cup on the table and i sat on a stool placed against the wall, he sat on a dining room chair opposite me. As we talked he spread his legs wider [he had a nice bulge ] to show and he knew it. I sat on the stool my thighs slightly apart, my left hand was resting on the thigh, as he kept glancing down , i started to stroke the inner thigh with my thumb, seeing this he figgited which made his erection more noticable. He could see i was looking at his bulges. This time it was me that had to re-adjust, as i figgited i managed to open my shorts leg to show my hidden nuts inside my underwear, as i finished my tea i realised i was rubbing my crotch. I went back to work with a hard-on. As he took my cup he had a grin on his face. I finished what i was doing and packing up i said I"ll see you tomorrow, his reply was you Definately will. The next morning as i showered i kept thinking of his bulges so i trimmed and shaved my (continued...)
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142 days ago (26-Jul-19 9:34:16) - Meeting
I don't know if anyone reads these blogs, but here goes. A little while back a guy got in touch and wanted a meet, I have so many no shows I didn't get too excited. This guy let's call him A came and what a wonderful experience. He arrived and I was making a coffee when he started feeling my cock through my trousers, well before the kettle had boiled we were upstairs going through my wife's panty drawer and laundry. He was wearing a pair of his wife's used black silky panties, soon our clothes were off exposing his four inch hard cock, we swapped panties and started rubbing cocks in the panties. I then went down pulled my wife's panties aside and took his cock in mouth, lovely and warm being smaller I took a cock right down to the balls for the first time, normally I have sucked bigger cocks. then it was onto the bed after a bit of frotting and docking for a 69, such a wonderful feeling having his cock right down my throat while he sucked and wanked me. He got pretty excited and shot a load far too quickly, his cock was so far down my throat I didn't even taste his cum, just a warm feeling in my mouth.' A 'wasn't a great cock sucker so I finished off wanking over his now smaller limp cock, which I cleaned up every drop of my cum for him. Sadly, he left and seems to have disappeared with no contact again. It was a great experience and would love to repeat it again with someone, so if there are any guys/gurls in the south of England who want their cocks sucked or wanked please get in touch, any age happy to please. I have never been fucked but there is always a first time ???

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148 days ago (20-Jul-19 2:04:51) - Looking back again
Somebody asked about bras, after all my name here is Bramaniac! So recently, the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing has been on the news and got me to thinking, and honestly, I don't remember much of it; I didn't even have a television in 1969. But I do remember some Mercury and Gemini things from earlier in the space program in the same decade, like in the early 1960s when I was in junior high school. It must have been 1963, and about all I remember, even more than the space program is Marlene Shaner. OMG, I will never forget her, or maybe more accurately I will never forget her amazing tits! They were big! And back then bras did not flatten big titties out so much like they do now. No, back then bras made them poke out to nice points! And Marlene's tits, well they were truly spectacular and just about every boy in school talked about them.

You see, back then, D-cup tits were a rarity, not like today. Girls were thin and especially teenage tits were much much smaller. And at that time all girls wore while blouses, it wasn't a uniform or anything, it was the style at that time, and as you know, while white blouses are not transparent, but maybe translucent, you can sort of see through them. And under Marlene's blouse I could see her big bra straining to contain those luscious tits. And since it was a button up blouse and her tits were straining against it, there were gaps between the buttons and I could see her bra, and maybe the upper curve of her breasts through the gaps. And I was lucky enough to sit next to her in Mr. Purvis's English class and I am amazing she could not feel the heat from my staring at her tits all through class because that was about all I did in that class, I sure did not learn much (continued...)
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158 days ago (10-Jul-19 14:21:30) - Get it hard for me
Click to view the image posted here

Do you like to stroke your cock while you leer at my big fucking tits? Does my body turn you on? Do you like to look at my round peach-shaped ass, take out your cock, and stroke it for me? You should, you know. I want you to. I want you to jerk off for me. I want you to be my little stroke piggy. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Spit on that dick. Feel your heavy balls. Slide your hand up & down that fucking cock while you look at my massive 38DD boobs, and my taut, firm body, and my big round white girl booty. Yeah, doesn’t that feel good? Doesn’t it just make you get hard, looking at my body and imagining yourself with your cock in my mouth? Or with your cock between my luscious, plump tits, with me slobbering on your hard dick while you fuck my huge titties? Now, stroke it for me. Get it real hard. I want you to, you know. It really turns me on. Do it. Jerk that fucking cock while you leer at my womanly body. Do it for me. Masturbate. I want you to. It feels so good, doesn’t it?

Stroke more. Stroke faster. Good stroke piggy. Look at my tits. Stroke your cock. Look at my ass. Stroke your cock. Feels good, doesn’t it? Stroke more. Stroke faster. Jerk that fucking cock for me. I want you to.

Want to cum with me? I think you do. I think you wanna cum so fucking hard. I think that’s hot. So fucking hot. Have you thought about where on my body you’re going to shoot your big, hot load of cum? Well, think about it now. You want to cum, don’t you? I think you do. Where do you want to cum? (continued...)
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158 days ago (9-Jul-19 23:42:50) - the best cock
Fall and winter cocks are nice to cuddle up to. Nice to get something warm in my tummy on those cold winter nights. Spring cocks are a lot of fun and always eager to shoot a load, but the best for me are summer cocks.

After baking in the hot summer sun, they taste so good sliding down my throat. The balls stay hanging nice and low as I suck and lick them excitedly. And the flavor of the cum so much more delicious. I savor every drop.
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159 days ago (9-Jul-19 20:28:16) - Meeting Stan
During the last year of my first marriage,i found a crossdresser chat room. I was always wearing my wifes nylon panties when ever i could. I started chatting with a guy named Stan. We both lived in so
Calif. We got to know what each other were into. He told me we should meet at his store. He had a small collectable store in the Inland Empire of So. Calif. It was kind of far from where i was living. Well about a year later i was divorced. I met a woman,and after a few months ,we got an apartment in the Inland Empire. I was still chatting online with Stan. As it turned out,the woman i was living with was a very kinky girl. She ad a thing for panties. I got her to start wearing full cut nylon briefs,my favorites! They were also Stand favs! I bought my gf tons of nylon panties. She wore size 7,which fit me too. My girl friend loved me wearing her panties,but all thats for another blog. As i said,i was still chatting with Stan. Well as it turned out,his store was about two miles from our apartment. We i told Stan,he told me i should come by. I told him i would. It was a Thurs. My gf was out for the night. I slipped into a pale blue pair of VF nylon briefs,then my pants. I drove over to Stans. Parked in front of his store. I was very nervous!!! I walk into his store. Can i help you Stan asked. I told him who i was. "Oh,come on in" he said. He told me he was getting ready to close up,and had to leave. I was bummed! He asked if i was wearing. I said yes. He asked if he could see,i agreed. Stan showed me to the back room. I unzipped my pants and pushed them down. Stans eyes lit up. Mmmmmmmmm very nice ,he said. I was feeling very turned on. He pulled a large box off his storage shelf. He opened it,and i saw it was (continued...)
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165 days ago (3-Jul-19 16:50:39) - Daddy goner fuck me today
Well today I am goner meet my first Daddy he said 'Daddy T has a bondage bench and I love to strap / restrain gurls for their and my pleasure from spanking to pounding to face fucking I love to see lipstick all over my cock' well Daddy T also said 'It`s designed for doggy with you secured across each forearm, leg and over your body your head rests on like a massage head cushion and your ass pussy is at the right night to go to town on it with my cock' I will take lots of pics and post a few here soon xx Marlena
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167 days ago (1-Jul-19 11:42:49) - My Fuck Buddy
I met my friend at the hotel In stay in Bakersfield where I go
to do business once a month.
He stays there also visiting for business as well. We
bumped into each other at the hotel me gym a few times then
became friendly having dinner and drinks together . Over
time he became more and more forward dropping his towel
completely in front of me as
he changed or not covering himself at all as we sat in the
more he flirted of course the more I wanted him but it
wasn't until a couple of months
after we showered I agreed to go to his room for drinks.
Soon as we got to his room he changed into a hotel robe and
offered me one as well. I took him up on the offer of course
because I had made up my mind this would be my night. I went
to his bathroom to
change into it checking myself naked in the mirrored
bathroom wall before putting it on. Somewhat satisfied I
might make a good impression I rejoined him and we fired
never been with another man but I longer wanted that to be
the case he stood near me
offering to refill my drink. He, like me, was naked
underneath which he made obvious several times keeping it
untied in front as we sat chatting. his robe opened
completely and he offered me his cock as well as the bottle.
By this time I was pretty loaded
and also had for quite some time more or less ached to get my
lips wrapped around his hard cock. Now here it was. Larger
than me thick and veiny, everything I had hoped for. With
just a moments hesitation
I took my first lick then took his cock in my mouth. He
slid in slowly in and out for maybe two minutes then dropped
to his knees opened (continued...)
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167 days ago (30-Jun-19 22:37:00) -
haven't dressed in 10 days on vacation with wife. I am in agony.
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169 days ago (28-Jun-19 22:22:10) - hot summer days
are finally here for lying out on the deck in some panties and pantyhose, maybe a bra; waiting for a playmate or just jerking off all slippery and sweaty.
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173 days ago (25-Jun-19 18:03:17) -
So we decided to take one car, and took his 4 door truck to his house. as we drove i could see is cock throbbing in his pants. i reached over and started to slowly rub and squeeze his already hard cock. he pulled me over closer and as he did , i slide over and pulled his hard cock out of his pants and started to suck his hard knob really hard. he LOVED it, i continued until we got to his house. we put our stuff away and went into his house. when we got in i could hear that there were other people there in the living room. He told me it was his roomates. both are young CD sluts. as we proceeded to the LR, you could start to hear the cock sucking porn, and the 2 gurls playing with each other. Randy told me that they were hookers and when they did not have a call they stayed home and sucked on each other most of the night. Well this was one of those nights, LUCKY me.

we got to the living room and Randy introduced me as his CD friends who were all dressed up in sheer panties and such with huge shaved cocks. I still had my lingerie on and took off my over clothes only to reveal a very hard cock sticking up in my panties. They came over to me in what seemed like a hurry, they both started to lick and suck on my pussy and hard cock. Rhis went on utill the sun came up.
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176 days ago (22-Jun-19 19:29:11) - Just had to
Yesterday i just had to dress up, I hide it under my work clothes and play with myself after work.
Just wanted to share feel free to tribute anything, I can maybe do requests later in the year.. :)
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178 days ago (20-Jun-19 11:53:40) - cometome
I was driving through a normal suburban street,nice houses with manicured gardens and cars parked on drives until I pulled onto the drive and parked my Volvo.As i got out I grabbed my normal looking shopping bag,not looking out of place as a middle aged man and walked up the garden path to the semi glazed front door. So far all very respectable and normal looking.
What nobody else knew apart from me and the house owner was that my bag contained lingerie,a cock ring,a dildo,lube,cameras and a tripod but moreover behind the door waiting for me was cometome all dressed up.
I rang the bell.
The door opened enough to let me in,i deposited my bag and as the door shut I turned to look at my host who had been hidden behind the door. My heart missed a beat as i looked at cometome,she was dressed in the outfit in her pics on her profile,red basque,thigh high pvc boots,black stockings and panties. But now i saw her face,smiling between her golden tresses. I was transfixed for a few seconds by her gorgeousness and then flung myself at her and had a wild intense kiss,our crotches rubbing against each other with obvious results and our hands roaming our bodies. What felt like hours but only a few seconds later we stepped back from each other gasping and shaking. What had happened was electrifying and we needed to take stock. What every English person does at a time like this is have a cup of tea.Cometome went off to the kitchen to make one whilst i set up the cameras. Today was going to be a memorable one as we were going to lose our cock sucking virginities and we wanted it recorded.
After our tea we couldn’t wait to get it. Cometome took my clothes off to reveal me clad in my black bra and panties. We had a (continued...)
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180 days ago (18-Jun-19 14:31:17) - Ciao Unleashed
I’m Ciao (gurl name) and unleashed may be an understatement. Nonetheless, I wanted to share. Short version: I recently had my first walk outside as Ciao. It was both nerve wrecking and exhilarating at the same time.

I was traveling for work and booked a room near downtown Orlando. It was an older but well kept motel on the fringe of a gentrified neighborhood. I booked this place purposely because of its location and direct access - didn’t have to walk through a lobby to go outside. So I took a couple hours and dressed - killer sexy look in a mini black dress. I took my time to make sure I had my makeup perfect. If I was going to get noticed, then I was at least going to get noticed looking my absolute hottest!

The moment to venture out came and I found myself standing at the door looking through the peephole. I was soooo nervous when I cracked the door open. I took a deep breath and noticed I didn’t have my key! Yikes!!!! I grabbed my key and didn’t hesitate. As soon as I was outside on the landing my nerves went away. Likely because I had on a new pair of heels that were taller than I am used to - I didn’t want to fall on the way down the stairs.

I made it down unharmed and took a brief walk down the sidewalk. It was just after 11:00p, the street was quiet and I was out there alone. What a refreshing and exhilarating experience. Really, I thought I’d be a nervous wreck but .... not so much.

So, I definitely want to do this again. Maybe to a bar next time.Company would be ideal, if you’re inclined, hit me up. I’m game for a gurls night out.

I want to encourage other gurls like me to take that first step. Plan it out, take a deep (continued...)
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186 days ago (12-Jun-19 16:59:52) - The Art of the Deal
A Dom I see occasionally contacted me the other day. He was renovating a house and wanted to use my holes. He ordered me to come dressed, short dress and no underwear. That way my clit and ass would be exposed. Normally I don't go out dressed in the middle of the day, but I agreed. I parked my car down the street from the house. As I got out of the car my skirt rode up exposing my caged clit. As I walked towards the house it rode up higher, exposing my ass. I could see the Dom watching through the window. He was enjoying the show.
Once inside he ushered me into an unfinished bedroom. There was a wooden construction horse in the middle. He ordered me to strip and tied my wrists and ankles to its legs. I was in a prone position, legs spread holes open. Once secured he came around front and shoved his nine inch cock into my mouth. Once it was erect he started fucking my throat. He kept at it for some time until he shot his load deep in my throat. He informed me that he had some more work to do and that he would be back. About an hour later he came back, rubbed some grease on my hole and rammed his cock in my cunt. I screamed as he brutally fucked me. He just kept at it. My sphincter eventually gave out and he wrecked my cunt. Eventually he came deep in my bowels. After he ejaculated he went back to work, leaving me secured to the horse.
I soon heard voices and footsteps. The Dom was showing the house to a couple. A big black guy and petite white woman walked in. "A little buyers incentive," the Dom said. "He's all yours." The woman ordered the guy to fuck my throat. He produced a cock that measured 13" when erect. He started choking me on it. The woman started (continued...)
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188 days ago (10-Jun-19 12:35:06) - Fascination of a hartd-on
I’ve just realised how incredibly horny it can be just to see someone walking around naked with hard-on.
I was in a sauna over weekend and there was a guy, early 30s and completely waxed, walking around the saunas and the private cubicles stark naked with a fabulous erection. It must have been a good nine inches and thick into the bargain. I waited until he went into a dark room and managed to get close enough for a lick and a suck. I was sooo hard myself by this stage.
He didn’t want to cum but I was desperate and so after he had moved on I stood quietly wanking until a young guy knelt in front of me and sucked me until I exploded in his mout., Must have been seven or eight really thick spurts.
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189 days ago (9-Jun-19 5:37:04) - chat with me darlings cockluver30@yahoo.com xxxxx
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192 days ago (6-Jun-19 7:04:18) - A new blog!
I’m not sure what to blog about but I’ve had a few requests to start one. I challenge you guys to give me some ideas!
So far, I was thinking about blogging about my past sexual escapades. Gangbangs at motels, bukkake blowbangs at the adult theater, cum walks, getting spit roasted by guys, hotel suite parties where a couple gurls and I invited a bunch of guys, drug fueled binge weekends of debauchery, my first time with a BBC, the rape fuck, the throat fuck from heaven/hell, the time I PASSED OUT choked unconscious during a deep throat session, all of my adult theater experiences. Then there’s the tinyness of my clitty, which I can go into detail about. Think that’s a good start?

Let me know about what stories you want to hear first!
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196 days ago (2-Jun-19 18:33:35) - Spritzwochenende
Mein "Ehemann" hat mich zu einem Wochenende in ein schönes Hotel eingeladen.

Ein paar Tage zuvor meinte er nur zu mir: „So viel brauchst Du gar nicht mit zu nehmen…“ und ich wusste gar nicht, was er damit meinte.

Jedenfalls packte ich einige schöne Strapsstrümpfe, meine Damenpumps und High-Heels und ein schickes Kleid mit ein.

Als wir zusammen im Hotel ankamen, offenbarte er mir seine wahre Absicht. Er wollte mich ein ganzes Wochenende lang nur durchbumsen und zuspritzen. Und so ging es dann auch los...

Denn kaum waren wir im Zimmer angekommen, schickte er mich kurz ins Bad um mich zurecht zu machen. Als ich zurück ins Zimmer kam, lag er schon nackt auf dem Bett mit steifen Pimmel und schaute sich einen perversen Pornofilm an. Entsprechend sah sein Schwanz aus, der schon völlig nassgewichst war.

Er winkte mich zu sich heran und kaum hatte ich mich auf die Bettkante gesetzt, nahm er meinen Kopf und drückte ihn erst einmal auf seinen feuchten Schwanz. Ich wusste gar nicht wie mir geschah, denn er manöverierte meinen Schluckmund auf und ab auf seinem Schwanz. Es dauerte nur ein paar Minuten, da spritzte er mir alles in den Mund!

Es war so viel, dass ich gar nicht alles schluckten konnte und so lief mir sein heißes Sperma aus den Mundwinkeln über mein Gesicht herunter.

Er grinste nur und meinte zu mir: „So meine süße Schlucknutte, an diesem Wochenende wirst Du so von mir durchgefickt und vollgespritzt, bis Deine Augen weiß sind!“.

So ging es dann die Nacht weiter…er fickte mich noch drei Mal in meinen Arsch und er entlud sich jedesmal in meinen Mund. (continued...)
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202 days ago (27-May-19 16:55:19) - Red lingerie
Hi all
I recently got some new red lingerie and bra. It’s super exciting to wear. I can’t wait to go out in them.
I have some recent pics and can share more.
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204 days ago (25-May-19 17:41:21) -
sissy has been en femme from her earliest days. Mommy - her mother - dressed her in lace and satin and ribbons and bows while she was a baby. she was toilet trained at 2 years and 10 months, though she often wore diapers to bed until she was 5. Most of her cousins were girls and she wore those hand-me-downs a lot. sissy often stayed overnight with Aunt Linda, who dressed her in baby dolls, petticoats and dresses.
After puberty. sissy's parents stopped dressing her en femme. she was only able to wear panties and stockings and bras when she stole them or she got used items from friends. sissy could still dress girly for Halloween.
When sissy was in college she had 14 bras and 20 panties, some short dresses, pantyhose, perfume and lipstick that helped her learn proper care of lingerie, dresses and makeup. sissy has never purged her wardrobe.
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