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20 hours ago (19-Oct-21 7:07:18) - Lost
Constantly lost so it always seems, 
I see nothing but unfulfilled dreams,
scattered and drifting down many streams, 
mother of earth can you hear my screams.

I hate having lived with all these lies,
I will show strength and tall I will rise,
I will stare fate right in its dark eyes,
I will aim high reaching for the skies.
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1 day ago (18-Oct-21 15:16:25) - Lady Colleen the early years
Lady Colleen and I have been together almost 20 years ago. I had been going out with other crossdressers to various support group events. Typically that involved a rubber chicken dinner and a couple of days of dressing at an out of town hotel. We would also get together at each others home for dinner drinks but everything was strictly social. No sex as many of us were still hoping to meet that special woman who would except us for who we were. After a few years a male/crossdresser and genetic female came to me and told me of a woman they had meet on a double date a few weeks back. The person she was with was also trans and they were going their separate ways. They said why not meet her she is bi-sexual and excepting of crossdressing men. I agreed on the condition that she was told before hand that I was a crossdresser. I had grown fond of dressing and I didn't want to hide it from anyone I was dating. All agreed and we met for dinner. A few weeks later we got together for dinner at my apartment and we started dating.

Our third date was an overnight stay for a social event out of town. The event was put on by the group I belonged to and was the vehicle by which I had met the couple who introduced us. Upon arriving at the room checking in and getting settled Lady Colleen (then just Colleen) handed me a wrapped gift. I was very surprised by this and frankly feeling a little overwhelmed but I opened it to find a short teal silk chemise nightie. Oh my I couldn't help it I broke down into tears. No-one had ever bought Amanda anything never mid a real woman. Needless to say I wore it to bed that night and made love to Lady Colleen in it the next morning.

Colleen and I continued to date for several years. We (continued...)
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11 days ago (8-Oct-21 14:36:19) - breakfast
while at breakfast yesterday this woman who comes for breakfast decide she was going to get the pot of coffee and pour herself a cup of coffee. me being a wise ass I Said pretty lady how about giving me a refill. which she did with a sexy grin. I winked at her and and smiled back. when I left I told sue the waitress to put in a good word for me.
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19 days ago (30-Sep-21 21:59:02) - Your profile and pics.
Carrying on Crossdressing as you get older sometimes is fun, as you get a bit more time to explore and have fun. As yo all can see by my pictures, a lot can be done with a decent camera, not expensive, but certainly not with phone camera's, as the pictures are not that good. But all the same, you good folks keep uploading your fine pictures of your Panties, suspenders, bra's and shaved cock pictures. I do my best when I can, but love some of your comments, god bless you all, and may I come with you !! Joanne. xxx.
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20 days ago (30-Sep-21 3:44:29) - Learning about kink
I had been dressing and serving Daddy and Mistress Alice the neighbours for 6 months. My training was complete. I could apply my own makeup, learned proper etiquette, essentially learned to cook. I also sucked and fucked Daddy at least a dozen times.One Saturday night they mentioned to me that they were having a few friends over the next Saturday night and were wondering if I felt ready to be of service for their small gathering. I had some apprehension of course, I was not ready to come out to anyone. If I'm honest, it was so obvious to my friends and family, but I was oblivious. Anyway, they convinced me to say yes and was told I wasn't going to be passed around to fuck, but to serve drinks and snacks and maybe suck a cock if I'm so inclined.Fast forward 1 week, it's Saturday night. I'm dressed in a black body con. mini, black g- string gaff panties and black strappy heels. My hair was just beyond shoulder length and wavy. Alice was applying make up to my face to make sure it was perfect and afterwards, a short handjob until I cum on the floor. I was there to act as a servant, So this would keep me sated for the time being. After pleasantries and the real party got started, I was lucky enough to have some fluffer duties before I was to handle a camera the rest of the party. There were toys I hadn't seen before, bottles of lube everywhere as well as condoms. There was straight sex, gay sex, bi sex, dp's, even saw 2 dicks go in Alice's cunt. I had no idea that was possible. I saw circumcised and uncircumcised. Pretty, tight pink cunts, older more used cunts. After the guests left, Alice would treat me to one more handy after we washed our faces and then the 3 of us retired to their bed. The night was a real eye opener. After (continued...)
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23 days ago (26-Sep-21 4:46:41) - pretty boi
we were having so much fun. by now the club was packed just about every night. The club owner was so appreciative that he began to give us little bonus' . we then (Stacie and I ) started to think about enlarging sort of speak our show. I told Stacie i would be seeing the femme boi we met in vagas and would see if he wanted to come and join us, or at least come look.

he was so beautiful, i want to eat him every time i see him, and of course some times we do each other. 5'11, about 150 and toned, and a very strong 7" of cut hairless dick.. it was hard to believe how old he was, then again i was under age to, just did not look my age. we both accepted our lives and style and enjoyed it to the max. i LOVE sucking and licking his hairless body, especially his meat pussy...

about a week later we hooked up again and went to the club that night. she told me she had packed a few nasty out fits for the show. i was surprised the she had already decided to play.

we made it to the dressing room and the second the door closed i locked it and started rubbing femme bois, his name was Alex.' already hard cock all over my face. she always had a very pleasant sent about her. i LOVED when she would squat over my face in one of her ultra sheer panties just so my tongue would just reach her cherry. we warmed up for about an hour then Stacie arrived. well it looks like we are going to have a nasty threesome tonight, and as i looked over to Stacie i could see her looking at Alex and her meat pussy started to get hard. that was a good sign that we were going to have a nasty night.

alex went to her bag and pulled out a sheer black nylon crotchless teddy with suspenders and some black sheer stocking with a (continued...)
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25 days ago (24-Sep-21 11:14:24) - Our true essence?

I have a friend, a sub, who incessantly addresses me as ma'am during play, in messages, in comments. While endearing, it is only a role they wish me to fill for them. It isn't real to me, other than me fulfilling their desire to feel dominated. I am fine with that, and happy to oblige.

Yet our real connection is mental or psychological, maybe even spiritual? We have tapped into each other's inner selves at times and fully let go and shared something. Our true essence? I think this is permanent, a true give and take. A part of them will always be with me, a part of me with them.

Without that true connection and fully letting go it is just sexual release. Nothing is really given or taken, other than maybe a load of semen. Nothing stays with you permanently. A thirst was quenched, but other than that it is simple, meaningless, fun.

Then again, I am a head-case. I tend to over-think and over-analyze everything, trying to understand until my brain hurts. When we meet in real life (which I hope we do), you will see that I am rather out there. I tend to stare into space a lot, in my own thoughts, oblivious.
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36 days ago (14-Sep-21 3:04:28) - This evening's edging session
I'm watching Chanel Preston serving these two luscious thick hard black dicks. I want to be just like her. I want to be a good girl. I am masturbating but not allowing myself to cum. I want to be like Chanel. I want to make other people cum. I want to make them cum so fucking hard. Click to view the image posted here
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38 days ago (11-Sep-21 23:25:14) - First Time!
A blog, why didn’t I think of this sooner? Get it all down for posterity (as if anyone else is interested).

After being here on NTN for a year and over 5 years on NDN I finally found “someone”. I was just looking for someone to have lunch with, just a burger and fries and talk about the possibilities. I did set a date three years ago to meet a fellow down in Benbrook but he chickened out at the last minute. Was going to meet a fellow over in Dallas but through an “unfortunate occurrence” that didn’t work either. But this time we met through making comments on each other’s pictures for a year and then trading PMs. I liked the look of his face and all of the things in his profile so we decided to meet for lunch and see how it might go. An hours drive for me, an hours drive for him and we met. It wasn’t like “love at first sight” but after talking for a couple of minutes I really liked him. It seemed like I’d known him for a long time.

We ate quickly and adjourned to my (full-size) SUV with the dark windows and climbed into the back seat. With one of the big-box stores there in the same parking lot it was an easy job to park on the outskirts of the parking lot and since it was hot, I left the engine running and the AC on. With other vehicles there as well, idling, it wasn’t out of place at all.

We knew exactly what we were there for so after just about a minute I said “Well, I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.” And with that our shorts were in the floor. I love to write erotic (dirty) scenes and I guess this was no exception. I’ve always wondered if I’d be able to make (continued...)
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cheater boy
40 days ago (9-Sep-21 15:52:17) - My latest man cunt FUCKKKKK with my younger neighbour MMMMMM
I had just finished cutting my grass and Andre comes out hes my neighbour and asks if I would like to come in for a drink. I put away my lawnmower and head over to his house Im hot and sweaty. I apologized for that and he says no problem we can fix that. He hands me a scotch which tastes so good.

Hes sitting across from me in shorts as I am as well. I do notice that his man clitty is starting to rise and Im getting horny as well looking at him.
He starts to massage his man clitty and Im getting FUCKKKKING HARRRRRD and WETTTTTT watching I start to massage mine as well Andre gets up and takes down his shorts and there is his man clitty so DEEEEEEEELICIOUS looking I stand up drop my shorts and we both walk to each other and start massaging each others man clitties SSSSSSSO EROTIC......

We both go over to his couch he lays back and I take his man clitty deep into my mouth and I suck and lick up and down his shaft as I pull his hood back and forth over his swelling head. He tells me to get into a 69 position and we deep throat each other. His tongue also licks sucks and excites my man cunt as well. I tell him to stop because I will explode. I tell him Ive been stretching my may man cunt with my toys I say please FUCKKKKK ME he says Im going to, he gets up and proceeds to spread my cheeks and gently enters me. MMMMMMMM he fits so well he is so gentle slow fast deep and MMMMMMMMMM I reach back and squeeze his tightening ball sack he is breathing faster and fucking my man cunt faster he fits just right and FEEEEELS so good. I feel his ball sack tighten I know Im going too be flooded with his hot CUMMMMMMM Andre yells out IMMMMM CUMMMMMING I say cummm baby CUMMMMMM fill my man cunt with your hot CUMMMMMM and (continued...)
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44 days ago (5-Sep-21 17:15:43) - The wanking club
They called it the wanking club. Really it was 8 retired guys who lied to their families about playing golf and going to the pub while really they would meet up and watch each other wank. They used to meet up every week at Martins House. They would watch porno together or tell dirty stories while they all stood or sat around with their cocks in their hands having a good old wank. The party was over when the last guy shot his load.
I met Martin through x hamster as he sent me a message saying the club was a fan of my videos. He'd noticed that I only live one town away and wondered if I would like to join the club one week. I have always wanted to be the target of a bukkakai group so I agreed to be their muse and arranged to visit his home for their usual Friday lunch time club.
I arrived in normal mode. Met Martin and went off to an upstairs bathroom to get dressed up. I had deliberately worn black. A thin black satin chemise and black stockings and heels. Dark long wig and a little black chocker. A bra just to hold my breast forms in place and whore red lipstick and smoky grey eye shadow and lots of blusher.
I looked a total whore as I stepped out of the bathroom and I'd tucked my shaved cock between my legs and pulled my satin knickers up tight.
I walked into the lounge area and all of the club were there.
Martin and his friends were all there making drinks and chatting. They became quiet as I walked in and Martin said "here you go fellas, meet Patrice"
I did a kind of curtesy and got a few raised eye brows. I asked where they wanted me and I noticed there was a chezlong in the middle of room. One of the guys went to the window and drew the curtains while another handed me a glass of white (continued...)
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46 days ago (3-Sep-21 17:30:53) - Hook ups
Suggestions on connecting. Craiglists was so easy. Are there other sites available? Prefer not paying.
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58 days ago (22-Aug-21 23:49:00) -
I'm Transgrnder but a solely bottom. Submissive sub. But call me a Transgrnderisi it means solely bottom. I'm Jackzy it sounds like Jackie but spelled a little different. Also call me Roxie. I'm uploading every dating sites. I'm one Grinder. I'm on A4A. So Happy that I get to be here and show you my nudes and my body off to you.
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61 days ago (19-Aug-21 17:55:20) - Hey everybody
Hey folks!
I came back after several month...hope to know many people and have fun.
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64 days ago (16-Aug-21 9:37:03) - Home Alone until 27th August
Hi all

I'm home alone until 27th August - I'm intending to spend all day wearing fishnet stockings, lace suspenders and lacey girly knickers. In addition to the lingerie sets in my photos, I also have a new turquoise set and a new light green set which I want to show everyone.

I'd love you to join me for some Cam-to-Cam sessions. I'll usually be available between 08:00 - 23:00 (British Summer Time) - I may not always be on site. If anyone would like to meet for a Cam-to-Cam, please message me and I'll make sure I'm available. Also, you can choose which underwear you'd like me to be wearing, whether you'd like me to wear a skirt and high heels and whether you'd like me to do a striptease for you.

I hope some of you would like to do this.

GB xx

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66 days ago (14-Aug-21 20:07:58) - Oral night
I've once spent the night with a beautiful woman, meet me at her door in stockings and a pair of silk panties and a blue corset. We sat down on her sofa, me staring at her beauty her running her hand up my inner thigh whilst we both just sipped at our drinks.
As her hand reach my crotch we place our drinks down and both leant in to kiss our hands now exploring each others body's. I pull aside her panties and start to stroke her soft cock feeling it's warmth in my hand and its firmness as it grew stiff with every stroke. Our lips explored each other as her hand reached in and grabbed my already hard cock out and began to slowly stroke in, she broke of the kiss and knelt down and I felt her lips slide over me her tongue tease my head as she slid down my shaft. Watching her slide up and down and taking me out of her mouth and running her tongue up from base to the tip whilst she softly massaged my balls in her hand all I could do was to sit back and let the pleasure wash over me. As I didn't want cum there and then I pulled her up and locked our lips together and got her to sit so I could stroke both of us in my hand feeling her hard cock against mine as I stroked softly and slowly till I motioned for her to to swap places and to sit on the soft so I could return the favour of her blow job, as we swapped places she pully jeans down and if top off as slid her corset down her chest revealing her soft chest and her soft nipples who just begged to be sacked on before I went any lower. Her nipples were soft between my lips with my tongue lapping at them in turn nibbling them softly to hear her soft moans as I did. Then I kissed my way down lower till I reached her hard cock and kissed from its base to its tip and taking just (continued...)
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70 days ago (10-Aug-21 19:45:50) - took the plunge
went premium; so glad to be able to see all your hot videos and follow more delicious CD's
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81 days ago (31-Jul-21 2:18:35) - Date at the abs
Still so turned on my legs are weak.
My date showed up at 1:00 and he immediately stripped naked he is super cute with a really nice cock. 6” range, nice girth, and really hard.
His fantasy was to suck my clit while I rub my nylon cover legs and feet on his cock. It was hot. Then we changed positions and I sucked on his cock. His precum was flowing and tasted delicious.
Then I got up on the bench and begged him to rub his cock head on my virgin boy pussy. I was on fire and my cock was dripping like crazy. Then he started rimming me to get me wet. Then he reposition his cock head right on my pussy and pushed slowly. Oh my! It started to slip in slowly until he was all the way deep into my love hole. I was moaning and quivering like a little sex slave. He had total control over me. Then he started to move in and out slowly with a few full length strokes pounding it deep in me. To say the least. I was in heaven especially when his pace picked up until he seeded me deep between my legs. My cock was dripping cum all over and when he pulled out I fell to my side and just quivered with a big ass gasim.
I’m now not a virgin! And it was the best sex I’ve ever had.
As I write this my boy pussy is feeling sexy and wants more.
Can’t wait for the next date with my new boyfriend.
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84 days ago (27-Jul-21 7:09:08) - New Cage
Might have made a mistake here, shaved all over, put new Itsy Cock Cage on and then took 2 x Viagra.... Oh Fuck the Feelings are so Icredibly Intensive .....
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86 days ago (25-Jul-21 5:16:34) - my sissy walk in the woods
1 late afternoon i got in my truck n i went to a new park ive never been too for a walk dressed in my super tight leggings/ femme sneakers/ leopard print top/bra n my 42ee fake breasts
so i walked for about 1-2 hours on a trail that lead back to the parking lot it was getting dark the closer i got to the parking lot
wen i got out to the parking lot i said omg omg where is my truck i stood there for a few minutes horrified my truck was gone i didnt know what to do i was scared to death n almost crying all my reg clothes were in my truck with my phone/money etc there was only 1 light pole there with a sign on it that i didnt read it stupid me it said any vehicles in the lot after closing will be towed at owners expence and a lil sign under that said park is closed at dusk now i hav no phone no money to call someone for a ride i am so f..ked cuz driving it took me 40 minutes to get to the park so after i calmed down i started walking down the darkest road ive ever seen in the middle of nowhere no houses no street lights nothing after what felt like hours i came to a intersection with a traffic light and a closed corner store i waited n watched for any cars to cum by n wen i thought no one was gonna drive by i ran across the intersection to the corner store to see if it had a pay phone outside n ofcorse it didnt so as im standing in front of the store head lights pop on from behind the store i was like oooommmmmgggg n out drives a cop car n sees me n pulls up in front of me i was shaking so bad n the female cop is laughing histericly n says what the f..k r yu doing out here dressed as a woman i could barely talk from being so scared i had to explain what all happened to me at the park she said let me see yur id i told (continued...)
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87 days ago (24-Jul-21 13:53:48) - how much cum have you swallowed??
Hi gurls, I was thinking about all the sweet cum loads I have swallowed in my life time of being a queer faggot even before I accepted that I am female. I thought it would be fun to try to calculate all that sweet sperm. I Know the average amount of a man's cum load is 10 CC's. There are 946 cc's in a quart. For each quart it would be about 95 loads. Doing the math I estimate that I have gulped down about 2 to 2-1/2 quarts of warm sweet sperm. (that only counts swallowed loads). Before you think I am a total cock whore (oh never mind I am one). Not sure how many different cocks but it’s the cum that counts. How about you are you a bigger cum drinker then me?????? Let me know it’s a fun thought.
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100 days ago (11-Jul-21 22:44:39) - OMG
Friday I woke up early...Mistress Roxy was going to be here soon. I showered, shaved as smooth as I could, a little make-up, lipstick, fixed my hair and put my nightie on with my favorite heels.

When she got here the fun started. See we had planned taking a coffee enema together. While we were doing that we just chilled and played with our clitty’s while we filled...then Mistress reached out for my clitty. I reached out and touched hers. Then she started licking me...sucking me but I did not cum.

After we played it was time to get some lunch and go shopping. Sadly me in dude mode and her as Roxy. Hey my town is not yet ready for Blanda. That said my local pub where everyone knows me is where we had lunch. Me with a sexy T-Gurl I just shared a enema with and some.

Shopping at Ross and TJ Max was next. I scored some new Emma Atterbury Vans!

Can’t wait until our next adventure.
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101 days ago (11-Jul-21 2:55:38) - Super sticky facial
So, there i was, at the cruising spot, changing into my pink mesh panties, fish net stockings, high heels and a waist trainer,.it was a little rainy, and a little slow for a Saturday afternoon. That's when a familiar face drove by. I looked and remembered he shot a load all over my friends Lupe and my face one afternoon, automatically i started getting horny, plus I'm in lingerie so I'm getting really excited, last time i saw him i was wearing men's clothes,. He drives by a couple more times, i know he remembers me, so i pull up behind him, and step out my truck in lingerie and walk over, he was nude, his circumcised cock was dangling and we chitchat for a moment while i shake his cock to greet him, he started getting hard, he loves being naked he tells me. I like wearing lingerie i tell him. We noticed a strange truck a little ways down so we separate for a few. He tells me to come to the end of the road. I waited for a few cars to drive by, i been watching porn the whole time so I'm very horny, i work my way to where he was, i step out, my heels sink a little in the wet dirt , he walks over, he's wearing a cock ring and he's hard, about 6.5 in circumcised, nice long dick,. I know my place as a sissy, so i stroke it 3 times and get on my knees and start sucking his cock, good size cock. It smelled nice and clean, i had my tongue in his urethra while i pulled his balls and deep throated his cock, i sucked him hard for 5 minutes or so when i felt his big head start to swell. I knew he was about to shoot his load, i already know he's a heavy cummer. He takes control of his cock, he starts stroking and aims his cock over to the right of my face. I looked at him and said, " ill take that load right here". He says, (continued...)
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104 days ago (7-Jul-21 21:53:54) - Horny encounter with Bill and Pete
As you know i post pics on the other newbienudes sites in particular newbudnudes,com, (The cross dressing site).
I have a few pics of me up there where im wearing nylons.
I made friends with an older 58 year old guy from there and been chatting for the last few months, he is from the same city as men and not too far away from my house.
Well one day he suggested i show up at his apartment wearing only stockings on and that's it.
He wanted me to put on some nice black silk stockings, and a pair of panties under my jeans and pair of red stockings in my jeans pocket then when i got to his apartment i would take all my clothes off in the lobby and put my clothes in a plastic bag then i would go up the lift to the 4th floor with only my stockings and panties on.
Once i was on the 4th floor and got out of the lift i was to throw my bag full of clothes down the hallway and take my panties off and throw them in the bag then i was to go back down to the lobby so he could get my bag and then go back up to his apartment and knock on his door till he opened it.
He told me he didnt want me me to drive to his house because he didnt want me to pack an extra set of clothes in my car so i wouldnt change into them if he kept my bag.

We made arrangements and i dressed as he wanted, with a pair of silk black stockings and cotton set of panties.
The stockings felt great but my swollen balls kept popping out of the panties, so i wore a pair of boxers over the panties, i put the pair of red stockings in my jeans pockets, with a plastic shopping bag and i only took my house keys and some change to get home.
He didnt want me to drive so i took the bus, it took 2 buses to get there my head was mixed with a (continued...)
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104 days ago (7-Jul-21 21:49:08) - First Time Dressing
I was a teen when I first dressed . I would visit 3 seniors , brother 65 sister 75 and mom 95 + in a huge house , and they would go to the basement to have dinner and watch spanish TV because that is where mom lived . I would go upstairs and would search rooms and drawers and one day I found what I think was the daughter's Wedding Corset , Stockings and Panty .
I was always a Horny kid from the first time I jerked My Virgin Cock and Came ! I went to the bathroom and Dressed as A Bride ! I wish I had a phone camera then to take many pictures of A Virgin Bride . Someday , I'm going to buy a Wedding Dress and be A Real Bride and maybe be Joined by My New Wife !
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115 days ago (27-Jun-21 1:46:51) - Another tiring session
I had another session with Stuart and a friend of his (Net met him before) and Stuart wanted to show his friend what I could do, I was dressed real slut like with a white blouse and short leather skirt on with pretty pink underwear and stockings and garter. I don't put lipstick on until Stuart tells me what colour. On this day he told me to put my pink lippy on and to put it on quite thick. Ho then told me to pose for his friend (His name was Rob) and to bend over in front of him so he could see up my skirt and check out my underwear. Stuart then ordered me to my knees while he put my collar and lead on and told Rob that he shows no mercy. His friend just sat by initially and watched me service Stuart. I sucked Stuart hard all the time he was pushing his cock into my mouth deeper and deeper. He then quickly pulled out and told me it was time to do Rob. Rob was a bit gentle at first but as Stuart encouraged him his tempo picked up. Rob only has a smallish cock so it was no effort taking him all the way. While doing Rob, Stuart started to lube me up and it was at this point I know I was in for a spit roasting . Between the 2 of them they totally dominated me and fucked me long and hard....I was really getting off on it and wanted it to last longer when Rob blew his load. He made sure that it hit me square in the face, in my eyes and dripping over my lips. Stuart, having seen this then pulled out of me a with a few good strokes did the same. Stuart is quite a heavy cummer and my face was just covered in mixed cum,

The 2 guys were done so they just dressed and told me they were was disappointing for me as I wanted more but I'm sure that it will happen again sooner than later
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122 days ago (19-Jun-21 14:42:13) - Nudist bathing on Brighton beach.
One Sunday a few years ago Sandra suggested we go to Brighton nudist beach for the day to see if there was any action there. It was not our first time sun bathing in the nude, we had been to a few places and wow so many adventurous people. Back at Brighton we found the part of the beach set aside for nude bathing after asking a guy the way. On arrival it was not busy, we laid out our nice thick blanket (lots of large stones) and stripped off, immediately we had that feeling of being watched which pleased us both. I went for a swim first leaving Sandra naked and applying sun cream over her whole body, as I was swimming I saw 2 men walk up to Sandra and then one of them was helping her with the sun cream. The other guy was sat beside her. When I joined them Sandra introduced them to me, as we chatted, both the guys became very close to Sandra and both had semi hard cocks. The hairy guy of the two asked Sandra if she would like a swim, as they walked hand in hand to the water the other guy asked if we were bi or hetro, I told him we are both Bi and that I am a crossdresser, he seemed very happy with my reply putting his hand on my thigh. Looking out to sea we could see that Sandra and her new found friend were really enjoying themselves, they were waist deep in the sea, his hands on Sandra`s big tits and pressing his body against her from the rear, I said to my new friend `I wonder which hole he is in?, my friend laughed and took holed of my cock, we kissed and laid back. He asked ` do you take or give or both?, I told him I take, I can`t give hence why your friend is fucking Sandra right now`. He rolled me so I was on my side and I could feel his cock at the entrance of my love hole, `yes please` I said, he pushed into me (continued...)
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133 days ago (8-Jun-21 16:32:49) - In DC area mid-Sept and looking for fun
I will be in the Washington DC area Sept 10-13 and looking for some naughty fun with guys, couples, groups or other sissies. Serious inquires only.

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134 days ago (7-Jun-21 15:45:50) - M&M
Me and Marsha finally made lesbian love on Sunday.
We actually took the time to fully dress me completely.
Might have been the most intense sex of my life!!!
OMG we both climaxed at the same time and the cum just seemed it would never stop!!!
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135 days ago (6-Jun-21 18:51:43) - what I want most
What I want most of all is to have a sexy looking gurl or a girl to suck me off again and again
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142 days ago (30-May-21 18:49:20) - Summer is here and hot
Hello girls and boys, ladies and gents
Been very busy around the house and with life in general. A friend here recently got her first set of silicone boobs and a pocket bra. Those are two or would it be three items I find necessary for dressing.
With summer here and most of the year
I have to be careful about a bra tan line. Have had them and it is fun but not sure when this year.
For all my SoCal girlfriends, have my own pool, lets message or chat.
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149 days ago (23-May-21 14:47:50) - Twice fucked!
I popped in at the cinema...... it was Saturday and the place was jumping.....the movie was a beautiful girl sucking a big cock deliciously.....I had my bra and a thong under my shorts and top..... when I came in a couple of guys brushed their hands on my already hard cock straining under the see through thong..... When I sat down in the chair I saw a guy across the aisle on his cel looking at something with his cock straight up......I started to unzip and caress my cook too.....I sat there for a few minutes watching the action on the now the guy was pumping the girl's tight pussy.....gorgeous natural breasts too....
I got up and walked to the back of the cinema behind the last row where there is a nice secluded area... I got there and there was only one guy sitting on the outer seat...... I took off my shorts,,,then my top....and stowed them between the seats....the guy sitting there began to caress my nipples under the bra.....I stood back and began to stroke my bulging cock and move my hips seductively...... he looked but did not move..... soon a guy came up and started to touch my cock then my ass, he felt all over my body as I leaned against the wall......yes I am a total slut when it comes to being undressed like this and in a dark cinema!
he started to stroke my cock as another guy came behind me.....his cock was hard, but one of those with a device inside....very nice and hard! I leaned over and sucked him while the other guy stroked my cock and fondled my ass....... Then the BIG surprise, the guy behind me sucked me so juicily and deliciously for a while while five others including a crossdresser in full wig and heels watched! The crossdresser came closer and fondled my cock.......while (continued...)
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151 days ago (21-May-21 9:15:50) - How it all began!
I was 13 years in the mid 1970s stood in the bathroom waiting for the bath to fill. I pulled down my underpants and went to put them in the laundry hamper.

There on top of the washing was a pair of my mothers nylon knickers rolled up in a pair of tights, I was intrigued, I put the knickers and tights on, the feeling was absolutely electric and I was hooked.

I started going for a bath a lot more often than that, so much so my parents assumed I had a girlfriend, I didn’t I just loved nylon!

The strange thing was i never masturbated in them, at the time I had never come, I would play with my self but never come.

My parents would go out most nights and as I was the oldest, I was the baby sitter, I would get my siblings settled then explore my mums knicker drawer. She had one suspender belt and one pair of stockings which she clearly never wore, I on the other hand wore them a lot.

My mother had a wardrobe full of 1960s dresses, I wore them all over the course of about 6 weeks.

When I was close to leaving school we were given the job of clearing out under the main stage, we found a load of individually packed sanitary towels, for some reason I stole some! Just before my final exams I was off school on studies days, I did very little studying but lots of dressing.

One day I dressed in tights and knickers with a bra and a long flowing robe, I placed a sanitary towel down the front of my knickers, covering my cock. I lay face down on the bed reading one of my dads dirty mags and proceeded to dry hump the bed, I got very exited and had my first orgasm against the sanitary towel. I eventually used all the sanitary towels in that way.

I left home at 16 (continued...)
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152 days ago (20-May-21 23:50:27) - Little Amanda's tight hole
She was shy and timid when we first started talking online. Still frightened at the idea of coming out publicly, I assured her that she was in good hands. It took a few weeks of late night texts to become at ease with who she really was and one night she asked to finally meet. I had reserved a hotel room and bought her some toys and a few outfits. I left the room and hit the bar as she got herself settled in the room. After a text saying "Come up, Daddy." I closed my tab and headed to the room.
As I walked in and saw laying at the foot of the bed dolled up and sexy as hell, I was hard almost immediately. She'd blindfolded herself and lay there breathing nervously. I stood before her and watched as she unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She took her time rubbing it and caressing my balls before she licked the tip and moaned as pre cum hit her tongue and she liked her lips before proceeding to deep throat my cock. The warm sensation of her mouth nearly brought me to my knees. She sucked me better then I'd ever been sucked in some time so it didn't take long for me to drop my first load deep down her throat.
It took a minute to come to before I realized that Amanda had taken the vibrating butt plug I'd bought her and already used it to help stretch her virgin hole. I brought a chair to the foot of the bed and had her spread her ass in front of me. I began licking her ass with the plug still vibrating and stroke her little clip. She really enjoyed that as she brought a pillow to her face and moaned loudly. After she squirted in my hand I got her onto the bed and pulled out the plug. Lubing up her hole I started to finger her, first with two fingers then with three. After I felt she was ready, I pinned (continued...)
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154 days ago (19-May-21 2:42:47) - To be or not to be~
So confession. The past few Saturdays I've had the chance to go out for a Gurl night, I backed out. I've been trying to fight the itch, but I think it's time for me to realize this is just who I am. Ain't nothing new. I've always had a secret girly side. So I'm pledging enjoy myself and have some gurly fun again.. so this Saturday I'm getting that secret Motel room and letting Jasmine out... I've bought some new beads & toys, large. I'm a bad gurl 😏 I plan to take some new pics and possibly some videos.. just hope I don't get cold feet again.. any words of encouragement are welcomed! Thank you xoxo Jasmine~
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157 days ago (15-May-21 12:41:24) - Sissy caught with a flat tire
I was on my way to meet Kyle at our usual rendezvous point on a deserted road off ironically-named Highway 69, when I suddenly heard a rumbling noise and found it difficult to steer. “Shit”, I thought as I pulled off to the shoulder, “not a flat tire.” I was not dressed for such a misfortune with my fuck-me boots, fish-net nylons, black mini-skirt, pink slutty top, lacy gloves and blond wig. My first concern was about breaking a nail before I realized that I have never changed a tire and would have no idea how to go about doing so.
Darkness enveloped the car and I wasn’t sure where I was on the highway as there were no visible markers. Complicating matters further was a light rain which I listened to while staring at my reflection in the wind shield. I took a deep breath to calm the anxiety gripping me as I desperately thought of a solution. First I would have a look to see what I was dealing with. It might not be so bad, I thought. I grabbed my purse which contain a small flashlight and stepped out cautiously.
Unsteady in my high heel boots, I took small sissy steps to the back of the car. The clacking of my boots on the pavement pieced the silence of the night. I sighed when I saw that indeed the tire was totally flat. Unsure what to do next, I returned to the car, but the door was locked. All the doors were locked. Somehow I had locked the door by accident and now, looking like a lost hooker in the rain, I raged against myself. “You stupid bimbo, you’re such ridiculous slut. Always cock on the brain. What a fucking loser you are.”
Not able to think of an alternative, I searched for a rock on the side of the road to break a window so I could at least get out (continued...)
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164 days ago (8-May-21 23:14:15) - My girly development
It starts with looking at girls and wondering... then it progresses to trying on girly things and thinking ... then it's, how do I look better? how do I do my makeup, hair, nails... then its time to shop for sexy pretty things....

And then it's why do women wear sexy lingerie, shoes, tight revealing clothes? why paint their pretty lips and accentuate their eyes? why does sparkly pretty jewelry look so nice? and you begin to realize they do it to attract men....

And then you search for images of others like you. comparing styles, looks and getting tips.... and then online you see others just like you having sex with men... and you wonder could I do that?

You start to post pictures online and men tell you how nice you look and what they want for you...

You cannot help yourself now... you love the compliments the desire for you from men who want you to go further for them... and you start to chat to them, post videos, maybe even cam for them. You become porn.... you learn to pleasure yourself only by being penetrated.

You are a sex object and it makes you happy.... now you will always do what men want, be what they want, and enjoy being an object that exists only for their pleasure... and you know you can never go back. Only forward.

You have become a sexy little fuck toy for them.... You have become a girl that craves sex.
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172 days ago (1-May-21 1:59:34) - MFM
I would love to suck a cock that has just been pulled out of a juicy would be so tasty and would get a real hardon having her watch us! We could engage in a nice 69 where we suck each other's cocks while she watched!
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186 days ago (16-Apr-21 16:37:29) - My Personal History (so far) of Wearing Lingerie
The first time I recall wearing lingerie was when I was 5 or 6. I was staring in horror at the feet of the babysitter from under my parents bed! I was supposed to be taking a nap. I was wearing my Mom's bra & panties while sporting a tiny lil' hardon. The babysitter left to search the house for me. I undressed & hopped back in bed. The babysitter returned & asked where had I been to which I replied, "right here". I don't recall actually putting them on. There may have been other, earlier times I was wearing my Mom's lingerie; but, I just don't recall. The babysitter incident was definitely etched in my brain! Growing up, I got to watch my Mom dress/undress all the time. She rarely shooed me out of the room when she was dressing or showering. So, as a teenager with raging hormones, when I wore her lingerie, I imagined myself being with her intimately. She was only 17 years older than me & gorgeous! There was a stream behind the house. I would wear her swimsuits, swimming in the creek and also roam the woods wearing her sexy lingerie. I am surprised I was never caught because every neighborhood kid played in those woods.

My wife loves me in lingerie! Lucky me! I told her by completely by accident. I was surfing the web when she walked into the room (my back to her) and she asked if I had anything to donate to Goodwill. Without turning around, I said "No". She then said she was going to donate "these". I swiveled in my chair to see her holding two Victoria's Secret bras & panties I had given her. Without thinking, my brain just blurted out, "I'll take 'em!" Her head tilted to one side like a dog does when it hears something odd. There was silenced for a moment (continued...)
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187 days ago (15-Apr-21 4:35:48) - MMMMM I need some cock
I had my covid-19 shots and now I need some cock.
Man am I ever horney -- am tired of swallowing my own cum and ass/pussy juices.
I live near the Milwaukee WI. USA area.
Love to go on two day fishing trip's during the week
You have the whole body of water to your self and your friend.
Back to my hunt for some cock to suck and ride.
My free time is during the week on weekdays
I can not host so my would be date must host.
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191 days ago (11-Apr-21 16:05:51) - Fantasy
Just wondering how nice it would be to have a guy dressed in my wifes lingerie suck me off while I finger his moist pussyhole, mmmmmmm
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207 days ago (27-Mar-21 3:02:33) -
I am starting to like video chat. It's fun and exciting. 😚
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209 days ago (24-Mar-21 21:57:02) - Missing in Action
Does anyone know what happened to TJJulie? She was always a great poster and I certainly miss her posts?
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211 days ago (23-Mar-21 3:40:33) - A fantasy for Jessie
Jessie is my sweet lover who, unfortunately lives 350 miles away so the occasions when we can be together are rather special. In this fantasy I have written to her about her next visit, which I hope will take place shortly.

Beloved Jessie, imagine the following, if you would, please.

I have rented a lovely farm cottage for a few days and you hav just arrived.

I help you with your bags and bring you inside, taking you through the halls to your dressing room where you drop your gear.

We chat about your trip and I give you a quick tour of the home - it is large and beautiful and then, having offered you a coffee, which you refuse, I leave you to shower and dress with instructions to come and find me out on the veranda when you are ready.

I settle down with my Kindle, the excitement building, I can feel my heart pounding with excitement. At last I hear you call me, my beautiful Jessie and, there you are. Looking so adorable, lovable and VERY kissable.

I stand and we embrace, you are such a lovely armful, I hold you closely to me and then our lips meet. I treasure our kisses. I love the soft, very, very gently first touches, and the eventual tiny flicks of our tongues just teasing each other's lips and then getting more and more insistent until at last, of joy!!, your tongue is invading my mouth. That is the most sensuous feeling imaginable.

I am stroking your neck, I like the feel of your skin and your hands are beginning to explore my body. You find my little nipples through the fabric of my shirt and tease one gently with your fingers, exciting it and making it stiffen. It is so delicious and then your hand slips under my shirt and you are now teasing me with (continued...)
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219 days ago (14-Mar-21 13:58:47) - The thrill is still there.....
.....after decades of dressing up. I wear bikinis, panties, camisole tops, leotards, skin-tight leggings and other tight revealing outfits. I thought I would be bored with it by now. NOPE! It just gets better and better. As I get older I'm cumming a lot less, but the orgasms have gotten longer and better. I look forward immensely to my daily masturbation sessions. Always in the middle of the broad daylight.
When I was younger my jerkoff sessions were just a minute or 2. Now I can masturbate for 5-10 minutes! Even though I don't squirt too much cum my orgasm are very real and very intense.
I can't wait until this afternoon. I plan on masturbating my fucking brains out.
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221 days ago (12-Mar-21 5:59:07) - New friend.
Yesterday I got together with a new friend, Rick, and had a fun time. He likes his man cunt pounded and his nipples played with, both of which I took care of. After a short sucking of his cock, I proceeded to tongue fuck his hole and provide a few fingers. He serviced my cock real good and can't wait for next time. This was our first time together so it wasn't that long but next time it's going to be all out pleasure.
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234 days ago (27-Feb-21 16:23:03) - Hello
I just wanted to say hi to my friends. I haven't posted for awhile even though I have been trying to keep myself gurly.. I have been going through some tough times lately and hopefully things get better soon.
Not a premium member anymore but I still love seeing all of your hot pic's!!!
Thank you for your friendship!!!
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242 days ago (19-Feb-21 12:35:38) - Friday
Well another wet and miserable Friday...still waiting to get some freedom which will allow us lots of naughty fun x
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248 days ago (13-Feb-21 23:58:57) - Jacking off
Looking for someone who likes to wear panties and stockings for masterbation and suckin playing with each other's cock
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248 days ago (13-Feb-21 14:32:31) -
I just love wearing sexy skimpy lace panties outside, I have been doing this for years. I also love to wear woman's dresses and flash my ass. I love being a naughty little girl
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