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Tuesday, March 5, 2019, 12:30:21 AM- Anal service , no guilt, no strings, it's kind of a charity. In the Santa Barbara/Ventura area.
Hi guys. Tired of begging your wife for anal? Girlfriend won't let you put it in her butt? Cheat on her with me! I am Trisha, transsexual and anal devotee. No drama. No head trips. No emotional bummers. Just hot anal sex on demand. Plus I never contact you. I do not wear perfume or makeup so you can not get busted that way either. Just text me when you want some anal sex. I am here to answer all your anal prayers. I host at my house for no drama anal fun. Just send me a message and I will give you my contact info. We will meet once so I can see that you're not Charles Manson then, once I know you, you can make an appointment, walk in fuck me in the ass and bail. I provide condoms and lube. I just love the feeling when men happily fuck me in the butt. It is fun and I think it may cut down some of the violence towards women for with holding anal & regular sex, and the guys will have a smile on their faces that will baffle their other halves, it will be our secret. Trisha your anal sweetheart.
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"You are soon fucking hot!!!!Would love to fuck you darling.I travel to S.B.a couple times a month.Wold love to hook up with you!!"
- mars

Tuesday, April 11, 2017, 6:45:46 PM- Exhibitionist or not?
I am doing a kind of survey. I've had some feedback from NBN fans about me showing off too much on the site, I know that I'm an exhibitionist and love to show off the beautiful clit that I was blessed with. I am not like that in real life in fact when I go out I always dress very conservatively and never expose my breasts or wear skirts that show stocking tops or too much thigh. What I'm wondering is would NBN viewers be interested in seeing the more conservative side of Trisha, dressed in day clothes, out and about at night in ordinary situations. I have also been told that exposing too much turns some people off and that I come off looking like a whore, some even don't respond to me - even though they are attracted to me) because they think (by the quality of my pics) that I'm a professional. Love to hear from you all. Trisha
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"Thanks for the feedback although I realized shortly after I ask the question that I was asking a bunch of kinky cross dressing Mo Fo's or hard guys that admire T girls- so I got the answer I expected. So I will keep exposing myself to you all knowing that there are lots of you enjoying yourself to my pics. Love all of you and if you're close write me and let's meet."
- tvtrisha

Sunday, March 21, 2010, 2:19:04 AM- Life in TG L.A..
It's very nice to be back in S California, a girl feels safe & free to drive the freeways, check out the clubs & just smoooooze with all the handsome guys. The weather is way cool just right for us T girls to dress sexy without having to wear LOTS of heavy clothes.
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"Trisha discovers making hot tranny movies."
- tvtrisha

Friday, March 5, 2010, 9:09:50 PM- Nice to be back in the USA
As some of you know Trisha has been in Indonesia for the last year and a half - not much TG action there folks! So I am back in L.A. and very happy with what this great city has to offer a girl like me. Plenty of horny T girls to play with and lots of T girl admirers who just want to fill our sissy asses full of love.

If anyone has missed me and would like to get together for some sexy fun I can be reached at trishavancleef@yahoo.com

Looking forward to lts of sexy nights out, wineing,dining and dancing.

Love & lashes

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"Guess who!
And guess what?
I was married to a Dutch /Indonesian island lady for over 16 years!
Let's get some good sate with peanut sause and some Nasi Goring too!
Ollie bolin also....
ha ha!
- abbydekind

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