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I rolled up my skirt so you can see my pretty pink panties and my slutty little butt. *giggle* Do you like to say "slutty butt"? I do. Slutty butt slutty butt slutty butt! Wanna fuck me up my slutty slutty butt?
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Date Posted: 23-Nov-22
Subject gender: Male
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19-Dec-22  (353 days ago)
You damn right I'll FUCK that sweet fleshy candy Ass ... then watch 👀 and have a smoke 🚬 while you Hump and Grind your naked body all over that Big Titty slut's curves and Squeeze 👊🏻 and Grope 🤏🏻 this Bitch's Big Cow titties!!! After I finish smoking 🚬 Big Daddy will drive his THROBBING HORSE COCK ... DEEP into your moaning, groaning, whorish fuck holes!!! 😃
7-Dec-22  (1 year ago)
Will you fuck me too, Daddy?... please?... while I grind my naked body all over Babette's sexy hot-as-fuck curves, and grope her slutty ass and tits... would you like to watch two of your whores rubbing up all over each other while you drive your delicious big monster cock up into us and turn us into a couple of moaning whorish horny fuck-puddles?... you know we want it, Daddy... you know we do...
2-Dec-22  (1 year ago)
Candy ... I've finished doing all that to this Big Titty, PWA Slut ... I'm just waiting for your candy whore Ass to show Up!!! 😅
28-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Look at the shape on this bitch. Look at her. Built for sex. Built for fucking. Look at her sensuous curves. Big fucking womanly tits, full round bubble butt meant for anal fucking. Pull her little thong strap out from her ass globes and get at her fuck tunnel. Jam your bare dick up this little whore's shit hole, and grope her tits while you jack deep into her asscunt. Fuck until you fill her, until you blow a full orgasm deep up into her fuckhole. You'll be glad you did. And she will too. Won't you Babette? Yes, you will. Whore.............next....
26-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Mmm perfect. Where did you get these real high affordable holdups? Most are a little short.
23-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Smokin' hot!!
23-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Babette I would love too you are so sexy
23-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Oh yes. Fill your slutty slutty butt with cum.
23-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Mmmmmm very sexy
23-Nov-22  (1 year ago)
Yeah ... I want to FUCK that slutty whore Ass!!! Pink panties on a round, curvy "Slutty Butt" PWA!!! Once I finish FUCKING that "Slutty White Butt" ... I'll move on to those Big Broad-Breasted Cow Titties!!! I'd love to sit down at the dinner table on Thanksgiving 🦃 and ENJOY every inch of those tasty, delicious, Big White Breasts!!! Put em in my hungry, greedy mouth 😜 so I can enjoy myself!!!
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