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Sun, 21-Oct-18 5:40 PM (12 hours ago)
just wanted to play Barbi with some friends
jackstraw666 likes this
me to
(9 hours ago)
Sun, 21-Oct-18 4:47 PM (13 hours ago)
Hi Gurls. xoxo
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Happy Sunday sissy day grin heart
(13 hours ago)
Yes Sissy Sunday. xoxo
(13 hours ago)
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ty bobby
(9 hours ago)
Sun, 21-Oct-18 7:58 PM (10 hours ago)
My cross dressing fantasies are taking me over. I can't resist pushing myself further. I was ready to call it a day, but Allison refuses to go away! Oh well, I give in.
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sexy lady just enjoy the ride
(9 hours ago)
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Sun, 21-Oct-18 3:19 AM (1 day ago)
I smell a FAKE mad
jackstraw666 likes this
And no, it's NOT an 87 Chevy Blazer either.... Nor a 87 Ford Bronco... Hmmm huh
(1 day ago)
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(20 hours ago)
Bye bye gmcjimmy87... Fuck you very much you fucking FAKE grin gagged gagged gagged
(13 hours ago)
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Sun, 21-Oct-18 12:10 PM (18 hours ago)
Ive been taking lots of photos lately without any makeup on. Im kinda starting to like my natural look
lets check you out foxy lady
(15 hours ago)
yes, i want to see u too my dear ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
(15 hours ago)
That is wonderful. Feeling wonderful and being able to feel good in our own skin [made up or natural] is the goal of life n'est pad?
(14 hours ago)
MissPinky and hellfirejade like this
Sun, 21-Oct-18 11:44 AM (18 hours ago)
3 day panty play is almost here...can't wait to wear all my sexy panties
Sun, 21-Oct-18 10:05 AM (20 hours ago)
NN Tox Wank
Sun, 21-Oct-18 9:59 AM (20 hours ago)
checkout the video of gbolanos
Sun, 21-Oct-18 4:53 AM (1 day ago)
say hi to me in the cam room!!
i missed your show
(20 hours ago)
Sun, 21-Oct-18 4:27 AM (1 day ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 5:30 PM (1 day ago)
Anyone want to buy me some new lingerie?? If so send me a message
know one wants to buy you lingerie. get over it.
(1 day ago)
Tue, 9-Oct-18 6:24 PM (12 days ago)
Looking for Trucker to fuck me in his Cab
LC75 and shanineCD like this
you better be careful, darling Lucy; he might like doing that so much that he takes you along as his own private sissy lover, keeping you in his bunk & fucking you every time he takes a breakgrin!
(12 days ago)
hellfirejade and shanineCD like this
although, if you're as big a slut as i am, you'd most likely really enjoy that, gringringrin!
(12 days ago)
hellfirejade likes this
enjoy the ride
(12 days ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 1:29 PM (1 day ago)
on ntn wanting to chat with others
Fri, 19-Oct-18 10:36 AM (2 days ago)
Freshly shaved boi pussy needs filling.xx
LC75 likes this
shake that ass girl
(2 days ago)
your boi pussy won't be the only thing that will be filled. after Daddy shoves his Big, fat cock into your mouth & cum down your throat pussy. would fill both of those sissy slut holes...
(1 day ago)
hellfirejade and Slut_Jeanine like this
Sat, 20-Oct-18 9:55 AM (1 day ago)
13,000 views on my profile, very nice, thanks to all of you xxxxx
Slut_Jeanine likes this
right on
(1 day ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 9:56 AM (1 day ago)
Looking for sub sissys or femboys to wank over NN pix
k next week
(1 day ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 10:14 AM (1 day ago)
Processed and ready to watch.
Slut_Jeanine likes this
let's see
(1 day ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 9:40 AM (1 day ago)
Video uploaded.
Slut_Jeanine likes this
LOVED IT!!! what a hot sexy gurly slut you are - something we can all aspire to be, darling Allison grin!
(1 day ago)
hellfirejade likes this
Sat, 20-Oct-18 7:37 AM (1 day ago)
Think you would like this one too!
Bob1685 likes this
Thu, 18-Oct-18 4:13 PM (3 days ago)
Looking for some local folks that wanna hook up
DAMN, i'd sure love to do that - but you're all the way up north in Michigan, {sigh}...
(2 days ago)
Fri, 19-Oct-18 9:17 PM (2 days ago)
On a bit of a downer, my gurl couldnt make it tnite sad Ah well ill have to console myself with a few G&Ts a smoke and watch some Trans porn grin
jackstraw666 likes this
Poor Darling
(2 days ago)
letssee likes this
Cheers Marlena, an hour or 2 watching Christian xxx plough his way through Evil Angels finest will cheer me up! grin
(2 days ago)
something things like that happen to all of us, you horny rascal - but it sounds like you've found the perfect way to handle your disappointment, LOL...
(2 days ago)
letssee likes this
Sat, 20-Oct-18 12:41 AM (2 days ago)
I never really give much thought to being a top or bottom, but today I wanted to be on my back with 1 cock up my ass and 1 in my throat. I wanted to be used like a complete slut. Very unusual for me.
Slut_Jeanine and jackstraw666 like this
enjoy the ride
(2 days ago)
atomkitty likes this
i enjoy topping a horny slut like my friend Rick, but what i REALLY crave is to be a total whore for a couple of hard-cocked lovers who really know how to properly USE a slut like me - & what you just
(2 days ago)
hellfirejade and atomkitty like this
described that you wanted to happen to you is one of my favorite things for them to do...spit-roast heaven, MMMMMM!heartheartheart
(2 days ago)
Sat, 20-Oct-18 5:15 AM (2 days ago)
Hmmm whats next darlin
Fri, 19-Oct-18 9:30 PM (2 days ago)
Pervert is Perfect
Slut_Jeanine and jackstraw666 like this
True heart
(2 days ago)
Slut_Jeanine and jackstraw666 like this
easy girl
(2 days ago)
Fri, 19-Oct-18 7:41 PM (2 days ago)
Need a blow job now
k next time call me
(2 days ago)
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